Episode 37

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Published on October 25, 2021

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Show Notes & Timestamps

Mike Ercolano (00:00):

What’s up, everybody? Thank you for listening to NexGen Radio. This is a podcast for those of you who want the truth and nothing but the truth, when it comes to diet, exercise, and all things health. This is episode number 37 and I’m your host, Mike Ercolano. I’m here with my usual co-host, Kelly Krauss and John Esposito.

Kelly Krauss (00:18): Hello.

John Esposito (00:18): Hello. Hello.

Mike Ercolano (00:19):
What’s going on, guys? How you doing?

Kelly Krauss (00:20): Good.

Mike Ercolano (00:21): Good. How’s your weekend?

Kelly Krauss (00:22): Awesome.

John Esposito (00:22): Pretty good.

Mike Ercolano (00:23): Good. Yeah.

Kelly Krauss (00:24): Awesome.

Mike Ercolano (00:24):
Doing anything good? Anything fun?

John Esposito (00:27):
I was here. I went to a haunted house on Friday. That was a good one.

Kelly Krauss (00:31): That sounds-

Mike Ercolano (00:31): That’s pretty cool.

John Esposito (00:32):
It was like a two-story haunted house, so-

Kelly Krauss (00:34):
It sounded amazing. It really-

John Esposito (00:36):
It was a really good haunted house.

Kelly Krauss (00:38): In a warehouse, right?

John Esposito (00:38): In a warehouse, yeah.

Mike Ercolano (00:39): Where was it?

John Esposito (00:41):
Right in Wharton on Dewey Ave.

Mike Ercolano (00:43): Okay.

John Esposito (00:43):
Yup. You walk up there. You wouldn’t expect it to be a haunted house. You get up there and they have
the whole getup going.

Kelly Krauss (00:49):
But you said you made reservations. How long have you known about this?

John Esposito (00:51):
Well, we didn’t make reservations, but we bought the tickets ahead of time and the tickets were set for
like 7:00 to 11:00 at night.

Kelly Krauss (00:56):
Okay. Was it crowded?

John Esposito (00:59):
Yeah. It was jam packed. We got there at the perfect timing because as soon as we
parked 50 cars came in behind us.

Kelly Krauss (01:06):

That’s awesome.

John Esposito (01:06): It was a good time.

Kelly Krauss (01:08):
That’s so fun. It’s such a fun time of year to do stuff like that.

John Esposito (01:10): It is.

Mike Ercolano (01:10):
Actually, Victoria and I were just talking about that. We haven’t been to something like that in forever. I

couldn’t tell you the last time I went to a haunted house or a hayride –

Kelly Krauss (01:17):
Oh, and hayrides are fun.

Mike Ercolano (01:17):
I haven’t done any of that.

John Esposito (01:19):
It’s been three years for me.

Mike Ercolano (01:20):
I haven’t done any of that.

John Esposito (01:20):
It’s been like three years since I’ve done one.

Mike Ercolano (01:22):
Oh, you keep it marked on your calendar?

John Esposito (01:24): No, but I-

Kelly Krauss (01:24): Sounds like it.

Mike Ercolano (01:25): Yeah.

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John Esposito (01:26):

Google photos-

Mike Ercolano (01:27): It’s been three years-

John Esposito (01:27): … reminds me.

Mike Ercolano (01:28):
… four days, and 16 hours. But that’s cool, that’s fun.

John Esposito (01:32): Yeah, it was a fun time.

Mike Ercolano (01:33): Was it actually scary?

John Esposito (01:36):
It could’ve been better. Could’ve been better.

Mike Ercolano (01:38):
Okay, so what could’ve been better about it? Was it the-

John Esposito (01:39): I think-

Mike Ercolano (01:41): … effects or the actors?

John Esposito (01:43):
I think it was more the actors.

Mike Ercolano (01:44):
They just sucked? They weren’t good.

John Esposito (01:45):

Their timing was off because it was a lot of jump scary things and they did their jump scares a little too early or they did it to the front end of the group and the back end of the group just got diddly squat.

Mike Ercolano (01:57): So nothing really-

Kelly Krauss (01:59):

You got to get the middle section.

John Esposito (02:01):
Yeah. You have to have middle ground.

Kelly Krauss (02:01):

I’ll have to tell you the scariest haunted house I ever went to was just pitch black. It was all black. You had no idea where you were going and then there was just voices here and there. It was the scariest thing ever.

John Esposito (02:14):
Oh, they had one –

Kelly Krauss (02:15):
Because you couldn’t see anything.

John Esposito (02:15):

They had one section like that at this one. It was pitch black. They made you put on these neon necklaces or the glow-in-the dark necklaces and they tell you, “Put your hands out in front of you so you don’t run into the walls.”

Kelly Krauss (02:25): See, that’s good stuff.

John Esposito (02:27): And there was stuff just-

Kelly Krauss (02:27): It was just pitch black.

John Esposito (02:28):
There was stuff hanging there that felt like fabric-y, went into a spider, and you’re siting like, “Oh my


Kelly Krauss (02:33): The shoot-

John Esposito (02:34): Then a random-

Kelly Krauss (02:34):
… mist at you and stuff.

Episode 37 Vocals (Completed 10/21/21) Transcript by Rev.com

John Esposito (02:35):

Randomly, somebody would just tap you on the shoulder.

Mike Ercolano (02:37):
Yeah, I don’t know about that.

Kelly Krauss (02:38):
That’s the stuff that freaks me out. Don’t touch me. That’ll freak-

John Esposito (02:41): Yeah. No.

Mike Ercolano (02:44):
I don’t know. No, I just don’t know how I would react to that. I think I would be too defensive. I’d feel


John Esposito (02:49):
Get ready to throw a punch?

Mike Ercolano (02:51):
Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know if I’d actually turn and throw an actual punch, but I feel like I’d be too


John Esposito (02:55): No, I understand that.

Mike Ercolano (02:57):
I don’t know. I guess that’s the point of it.

John Esposito (02:59): It’s fight or flight.

Mike Ercolano (03:00): Right, I guess. But I’d be-

Kelly Krauss (03:01):
But anyway, out where you live you’ve got to have some good haunted hayrides and stuff.

John Esposito (03:05): Oh yeah.

Mike Ercolano (03:06): I don’t know. I would assume so. I haven’t really looked into it. I know the one farm that I pass, the big farm Tranquility Farm that’s up by me, I think it’s called, the place was packed right now. Parking is all over … It’s right on the main road there, 517.

John Esposito (03:23): Every single day.

Mike Ercolano (03:24):
It’s packed. It’s crazy. They’re killing it. Good for them. Yeah, they’re killing.

Kelly Krauss (03:29):
They only have like a month to do it or you know?

Mike Ercolano (03:31):
Yeah. They built that place up too. A couple years ago, it was nothing. It was just a little tiny farm.

Kelly Krauss (03:35): Oh really?

Mike Ercolano (03:36):
Yeah. The farm land actually backed up to my ex’s house who lives over there. We’d watch pretty much

them develop the whole … I mean, they didn’t develop the farm. The farm is still there.

Kelly Krauss (03:49): Right.

Mike Ercolano (03:50):
It’s still an active running farm, but they knocked the old barn down and built this really nice store. It’s

like a market or whatever that farmer thing-

Kelly Krauss (03:59): Cool. I love that stuff.

John Esposito (04:00): Absolutely.

Mike Ercolano (04:00):
All local stuff and now they do all things. Halloween stuff, apple picking, all that. They must be killing it.

Kelly Krauss (04:07): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Mike Ercolano (04:08): But good for them.

Kelly Krauss (04:08):
Exactly. Like I said, they only have a little bit of time to do it and –

Mike Ercolano (04:12): They’re busy all year round.

Kelly Krauss (04:13): In the winter?

Mike Ercolano (04:15):
Yeah. They got stuff going on there. They’re pretty smart with their business.

Kelly Krauss (04:20): Cool.

John Esposito (04:21): That’s good to hear.

Mike Ercolano (04:21):
Yeah. But I couldn’t tell you the last time I was at one of those.

John Esposito (04:25): This is your year.

Mike Ercolano (04:27): Yeah.

John Esposito (04:28): It may be.

Kelly Krauss (04:28): It may be, yeah.

Mike Ercolano (04:29):

I remember I went to this one that was like … I think it was in the city or Jersey city. I mean, I was a little bit younger. I mean, a little bit younger, like 10 years ago, so still an adult. I just don’t remember exactly when it was or where it was. It was like a pretty lifelike, realistic thing. I went with all my friends from the bar.

Kelly Krauss (04:54): That’s when you go, yes.

Mike Ercolano (04:55): Oh, you know Big Country.

John Esposito (04:56): Absolutely.

Kelly Krauss (04:56): Oh yeah.

Mike Ercolano (04:57):
He’s really into … He was dressing up and stuff.

Kelly Krauss (04:59): Halloween stuff.

Mike Ercolano (05:01):
Yeah. I went with him and a big group.

Kelly Krauss (05:02):
That’s how you have to do it.

Mike Ercolano (05:02):
I guess that was the last time.

John Esposito (05:02): You have to.

Kelly Krauss (05:02): With a little flask on you.

Mike Ercolano (05:02): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John Esposito (05:02): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Kelly Krauss (05:02):
That makes it a little bit fun.

John Esposito (05:02):
A little liquid courage going in.

Kelly Krauss (05:02): Yes.

Mike Ercolano (05:02):
Yeah. So Kel, what’d you do?

Kelly Krauss (05:04): What did I do?

Mike Ercolano (05:09): Yeah.

Kelly Krauss (05:13):
We went bowling on Saturday.

Mike Ercolano (05:14): Nice.

John Esposito (05:14): Nice.

Kelly Krauss (05:15):
That was good. We ran into a member, so that was fun.

John Esposito (05:17): Oh, awesome.

Kelly Krauss (05:18): It was packed.

John Esposito (05:19): Yeah?

Kelly Krauss (05:19): It was packed, yeah.

John Esposito (05:20):
They’re always packed. Circle?

Kelly Krauss (05:22): Yeah.

John Esposito (05:22):
Jimmy was telling me he bowled pretty well.

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Kelly Krauss (05:24):

He did.

John Esposito (05:24): Yeah?

Kelly Krauss (05:25):
He’s very proud of himself.

Mike Ercolano (05:26): Is Jimmy a big bowler?

Kelly Krauss (05:28): Yes.

John Esposito (05:28): Yeah.

Kelly Krauss (05:29):
But it was tough for Jimmy because it was so packed and Jimmy’s very bowling etiquette. Did he tell you
about all this stuff?

John Esposito (05:36): No, no.

Kelly Krauss (05:37):

When you go bowling you make sure no one on your right and your left is going. There’s bowling etiquette. Well, we show up and there’s a family of seven who has no bowling … They’re all up at the bowling section. They’re swinging their kids around. It was like the kids were touching every ball. I could tell he was getting to the point. Then finally ordered a Stella and then he finally got out of his head with that and then he had a great game.

John Esposito (06:04): Good.

Kelly Krauss (06:04): Yeah, so it was good.

Mike Ercolano (06:05): He could zone it out.

Kelly Krauss (06:07): Yeah. He had to.

Mike Ercolano (06:08):

He had to zone it out. It was bad?

Kelly Krauss (06:10):
It was one of those nights where it was like, “All right, let’s just”-

Mike Ercolano (06:13): Yeah. Yeah.

Kelly Krauss (06:14): Yeah, so that was fun.

Mike Ercolano (06:15): Good.

John Esposito (06:15): Oh, awesome.

Kelly Krauss (06:16):
Yeah. But I have to tell you guys because I know football’s a big thing on Saturday and Sunday. You know

the show Boomer and Gio? Used to be Boomer and Carton.

John Esposito (06:26): Yeah.

Mike Ercolano (06:26): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Kelly Krauss (06:27):

Jimmy leaves that on in the morning when he goes to work until I get home. I don’t care about sports, but they’re always doing facts and figures and stuff. I actually had to rewind it this week because of what they said. They put up a poll and the poll was-

Mike Ercolano (06:41):
Wait, hold on a second. How did you rewind this?

Kelly Krauss (06:43): TV. Live TV.

Mike Ercolano (06:44): Oh, you have it on TV?

Kelly Krauss (06:45):


Mike Ercolano (06:45):
I thought you were listening on the radio.

Kelly Krauss (06:46):
No, no, no, no, no. It’s on live TV.

Mike Ercolano (06:48):
Okay. All right. Nevermind, keep going.

Kelly Krauss (06:50):
Okay, so they do a poll of their, I don’t want to say their members, but their listeners who are mostly

men, right?

Mike Ercolano (06:57): Probably.

Kelly Krauss (06:57):
And the poll was would you give up watching football to lose belly fat?

Mike Ercolano (07:03): Okay.

Kelly Krauss (07:05):
Okay. Do you want to guess on the percentage of the people who came back and said-

Mike Ercolano (07:10):
With their listeners, I’m going to say it was 92% said, “No, they wouldn’t give up football for body fat.”

John Esposito (07:19):
I was going to say like 75.

Kelly Krauss (07:21): Really?

John Esposito (07:21): Yeah.

Kelly Krauss (07:22):
You both are leaning towards the majority would not-

Mike Ercolano (07:25):

I think a majority of that-

Kelly Krauss (07:26):
A big majority. Big majority.

Mike Ercolano (07:28): Yeah. I think. Yeah, I do.

Kelly Krauss (07:30):
Okay. Because they were very surprised by their results. 47% said they would give up watching football

to lose belly fat-

John Esposito (07:37): Really?

Kelly Krauss (07:37):
… which I thought was really interesting because …

Mike Ercolano (07:39): So then do it.

Kelly Krauss (07:41):
Well, right. They were saying the same thing. They were like, “Everybody who listens to us is a huge

football fan, but yet 47% is willing to stop watching football to lose their belly fat.”

Mike Ercolano (07:53): So do it.

Kelly Krauss (07:54): Right?

Mike Ercolano (07:54): And here’s the thing-

Kelly Krauss (07:56): Let’s call them.

Mike Ercolano (07:57):
What is it? 18 weeks out of the year?

Kelly Krauss (07:59): Football?

John Esposito (08:00):


Mike Ercolano (08:01):

I mean, it’s more than that with playoffs and whatnot, but the fact is it’s only such a small number, such a small percentage of the year. I don’t know, that’s crazy. I don’t believe it. I think those people maybe they liked the thought of it because if they would, they would, right?

Kelly Krauss (08:22): What if-

Mike Ercolano (08:22): If they actually-

Kelly Krauss (08:23):

What if they even took it one step better and said, “Okay, instead of giving up football, I’m going to change my football snacks, I’m going to change my football beer, and I’m going to change my football lifestyle, so to say, and just take … rather than give it all up, take one step closer to being healthy.”

Mike Ercolano (08:39):
Okay, Kel, so what you’re saying is to pretty much change their entire Sunday routine, per se, let’s say

they’re a football fan, and change out all their snacks for healthy snacks?

Kelly Krauss (08:50): Yup.

Mike Ercolano (08:50):
And get rid of the beer and change it to what? Like lemon water?

Kelly Krauss (08:55):

No. I’m saying either change to a lighter beer if you’re not on one and alternate glasses of water. I’m not taking away your football, I’m not taking away your beer, I’m not taking away your football snacks, I’m just altering them. I just think that’s a step in the right direction.

Mike Ercolano (09:10):

I agree. Now I think that that would be a harder sell than that question because I think part of it is the whole routine and everything of football. I think if you change the experience for these people I think they wouldn’t be happy with it, so they’ll go back-

Kelly Krauss (09:30):

You mean to tell me if you’re sitting there watching football and I take away your microwave popcorn, let’s just say, and I give you air-popped popcorn sprayed with coconut oil and salted, you’re really going to be paying attention that much?

Mike Ercolano (09:49):

Not that in that specific example, no.

John Esposito (09:52):
But if you’re taking away their wings for something else.

Kelly Krauss (09:55):
You can have healthy wings.

Mike Ercolano (09:57):
Like air-fried wings, I guess.

Kelly Krauss (09:59):
See. See. See. I think you’re softening to this, .

John Esposito (10:01):

But I do think some of the guys I’ve seen at a bar or I’m just thinking about the guys who are sitting in the bar watching football. I don’t think half of them would give up all of those little individual variables. But if they had to give up the entire thing as a whole, that would probably seem easier for them.

Mike Ercolano (10:16): Right. Right. That’s my point.

Kelly Krauss (10:17):
Just to completely have nothing to do with it.

John Esposito (10:18):
Just completely get rid of that, yeah.

Mike Ercolano (10:18): Because I think it’s a trigger.

Kelly Krauss (10:19): I got you.

Mike Ercolano (10:19):
I think football is a trigger or just like anything else that leads to bad habits. Like driving is a trigger for

people who smoke. Sitting down and watching football is a trigger for those bad habits.

Kelly Krauss (10:31):
I’m just taking the approach that we take here, right, baby steps.

Mike Ercolano (10:35):

Of course. No, and I agree. I agree. I’m just saying. I think if you pose it that way, if you ask that question, would you rather stop watching football or would you continue watching football, but we change out everything, make it healthy and whatever, I think the results would change.

Kelly Krauss (10:53):
You think that people would-

Mike Ercolano (10:53):
I think it would be different.

Kelly Krauss (10:55): Got it. Cold turkey.

Mike Ercolano (10:57):
I think people are more willing to say that they’ll give it up over changing what they’re already doing. But

again, if that was the case, they probably would’ve done that by now.

Kelly Krauss (11:07): Right.

Mike Ercolano (11:07):
Right? My point before is it’s 18 weeks and plus playoffs are a bit. It’s such a small-

John Esposito (11:13): A fifth of your hear.

Mike Ercolano (11:13): … amount of number.

John Esposito (11:13):
Five percent of the year, something like that.

Mike Ercolano (11:19):

Let’s say you take the opposite approach and let’s say you spend the other rest of the year healthy and then every Sunday you do whatever you want during football season, right? Then you can enjoy football. You can do whatever you want but you’re healthy. I don’t know. It’s just interesting. It’s a really, really interesting poll.

Kelly Krauss (11:38):
I know. I was so excited. That’s why-

John Esposito (11:40):
I’m surprised the number was that high.

Kelly Krauss (11:40):

And they were too.

Mike Ercolano (11:41):
I didn’t think it was going to be.

Kelly Krauss (11:42):
They were too. They were like, “Wow, that’s really high.” Again, I don’t listen to this show ever, but

when I heard that I was like, “That is an awesome question and statistic.”

Mike Ercolano (11:53):
You did leave your card for Carton one time, right?

Kelly Krauss (11:57): Yeah. Well-

Mike Ercolano (11:58):
That was before he got pinched and went to jail.

Kelly Krauss (11:59):
I did. We were in the locker room of the Devils. Yeah, I did leave him my card. Never heard from him.

Now we know why.

Mike Ercolano (12:07): Right.

John Esposito (12:07): We could probably-

Kelly Krauss (12:07): Now we know why.

John Esposito (12:08):
… reach out to him now. You know where to find him. Probably pretty easy to find.

Kelly Krauss (12:11):
Yeah. Well, he’s back on. He’s just got a different show now.

Mike Ercolano (12:14):
Does he? Is he broadcasting from jail?

Kelly Krauss (12:17): No, he’s out.

Mike Ercolano (12:17):

Oh, he’s … That’s it?

Kelly Krauss (12:19):
You haven’t seen the Netflix show on him?

Mike Ercolano (12:21): Nah. I don’t have it.

Kelly Krauss (12:22):
Yeah. No, he’s out. He’s out and back on the air. Same station, different show. He’s not with Boomer.

Mike Ercolano (12:28): Oh, shit. I had no idea.

John Esposito (12:29):
I had no clue about that either.

Kelly Krauss (12:30):
Mm-hmm (affirmative). Mm-hmm (affirmative). Well, I don’t know. How long ago was it? When we

were in the locker room?

Mike Ercolano (12:37):
Four years ago maybe. Three, four. Even within five years. I thought he was going away for a while. I

thought he was going away for like 20 years or something for-

Kelly Krauss (12:46): You would think.

Mike Ercolano (12:47):
… tax evasion or whatever it was.

Kelly Krauss (12:49):
No. I think he did a year.

Mike Ercolano (12:51):
But he used to have money and good lawyers.

Kelly Krauss (12:55): Crazy. It’s crazy.

Mike Ercolano (12:58):

Yeah. I don’t know. It’s hard to say because we’re all healthy. I was going to say what’s a bad habit that you wouldn’t give up for anything, but we’re all pretty healthy. I don’t need to make a decision of not watching football or being healthy.

Kelly Krauss (13:15): Right.

Mike Ercolano (13:16): Because I can do that.

Kelly Krauss (13:18):
Well, I could always fine tune my nutrition, like half and half. I love my half and half. I’m not giving it up. I

have tried to mixing cashew milk and I do that every once in a while and that does help, but-

Mike Ercolano (13:28):
Just got to go black, cold turkey, cut it out, be done with that. Your taste buds will adjust.

Kelly Krauss (13:33): Then I will give up coffee.

Mike Ercolano (13:34):
Your taste buds will … See, that’s what I’m saying.

Kelly Krauss (13:37): Yes. Yes.

Mike Ercolano (13:38):
That compromise. You don’t want to make that compromise in the middle.

Kelly Krauss (13:40):
You’re right and there you have it.

John Esposito (13:42):
It becomes part of the ritual.

Kelly Krauss (13:43):
It is –

Mike Ercolano (13:43):

So that’s why I think maybe we need to change our approach a little bit too because we are very, as a gym I mean and as trainers, we are very moderation is key. We do believe in that life, but maybe that’s not the right approach for somebody who’s starting out. Maybe we need to be more strict with people because moderation, unless you have the discipline, moderation without discipline is going to lead you to failure again.

Kelly Krauss (14:11):
Right. Right. That’s a good point.

Mike Ercolano (14:11):

Maybe that’s something we got to go back and revisit our approach and be a little bit tougher. We’ve always taken the approach of we don’t want to be too strict upfront because we don’t want to burn people out.

Kelly Krauss (14:23): Or restrictive. Right.

Mike Ercolano (14:24):
Or restrictive. Definitely not restrictive. Maybe we need to kind of change that a little bit.

Kelly Krauss (14:29):
Mm-hmm (affirmative). Stages. You start out here, you move to this, you move to that.

Mike Ercolano (14:35):

I mean, I think you could see that in pretty much everything. Now that you’re thinking about everything in life is that you kind of need to draw the line. You need to have boundaries. You need to draw a line. If that line is kind of blurry, it’s tough to navigate, whether it’s nutrition, whether it’s science. Right now, the line is very blurry when it comes to what we’re being told about certain things. It’s tough to really … You need that line. You need that boundary. Maybe we start with new clients.

Kelly Krauss (15:10): Good point.

Mike Ercolano (15:10):
We’ll put a boundary up. We’ll create an easier way to ease into it. Like you said, more defined.

Kelly Krauss (15:17):
Look that where that little-

Mike Ercolano (15:17): More defined boundaries.

Kelly Krauss (15:20): … statistic took us.

John Esposito (15:20):

I know.

Mike Ercolano (15:20): Yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Kelly Krauss (15:22): That’s awesome.

Mike Ercolano (15:23):

Speaking of the blurred lines of science these days, I can’t do a show without talking about this because this is a current event and this is very health related. But did you see that basketball player, Brandon Goodwin?

Kelly Krauss (15:36): Yes. Yes.

Mike Ercolano (15:38): Crazy. So, I mean-

Kelly Krauss (15:39): He’s the second one.

Mike Ercolano (15:40):

Yeah. Well, I mean, but he actually said that he had complications from the vaccine and that’s what ended his season. It was like silence by the NBA. It was silence by, I think, the Hawks. I’m not a basketball fan. Go back to what you were saying.

John Esposito (15:59): I know the Hawks.

Mike Ercolano (15:59):
Yeah. The Atlanta Hawks, yes.

Kelly Krauss (16:00):
So he had the vaccination?

Mike Ercolano (16:03):
So he got the vaccination and then here actually I have the recording for you. I’ll let him say it.

Kelly Krauss (16:10): Really?

Brandon Goodwin (16:10):

You know I was just super tired in the game. When we played Philly back to back, I was so tired. I felt like I couldn’t run up and down the court and then my back was hurting. Then we went home, I think. That’s when I started … My back really started hurting bad. And then I’m like, “All right, I got to go to the doctor” and that’s when I found out I had blood clots. That all happened in a span of a month. I was fine up until then. Up until I took the vaccine I was fine. People trying to tell you like, “No, it’s not the vaccine. Oh …” How do you know? You don’t know. Yes, the vaccine-

Kelly Krauss (16:53): That sucks.

Mike Ercolano (16:57):
Actually, that was like a Twitch video or something. I guess that’s where they record each other playing

video games and whatnot. This generation things.

Kelly Krauss (17:07):
You guys keep coming up with more and more stuff.

Mike Ercolano (17:10):

But, I mean, I guess that’s like a social network. You live stream and talk to each other and stuff. But the Hawks actually silenced it or tried to silence him and told them not to say about the vaccine. They just came out his season’s over due to whatever. I don’t know what their thing was. Here’s the thing with that. I’m not saying that the chances of having an issue with the vaccine are high. But the fact that it’s being silenced and the fact that it’s being censored and the fact that it’s been pushed out despite this being information that’s being allowed to be given out before you make that decision is a problem. That’s the issue with this whole entire thing right now or one of the many issues with it. You said the second NBA player … you see all the … I forgot how many exactly, but pretty much public workers who got fired, laid off, recently. It’s getting to a point where this is a legit concern for our society. It’s not something that should be a political issue right now and that’s a problem.

Mike Ercolano (18:35):

Your identity is so tied to one side or another that it’s polluting the whole environment. What’s going on right now is it’s literally medical tyranny. Whether you agree with, again, the vaccine or not. They’re forcing something on us and when there’s many real statistics that show your health could be basically bulletproofed if you’re in a specific BMI category and specifically health categories. It’s a scary time. It’s a scary time. Again, this is hopefully few and far between. I mean, they have, what, the VAERS site where it’s like independent doctors could write in, but that’s always lacking behind. There’s obviously a overwhelming amount or an approach to silencing specific information and boosting other information. I don’t know. I don’t know where this goes from here.

Kelly Krauss (19:43):
I think it’s becoming more and more in the forefront. I mean, after the airliners and the mandate and

the pushback there, I feel like that was a win for Delta?

Mike Ercolano (19:55): Southwest.

Kelly Krauss (19:55):

No, but there were other … American. I think Delta’s the one who took away the mandate.

Mike Ercolano (20:01):
Okay. Maybe. I thought it was Southwest who did.

Kelly Krauss (20:03):
Southwest started it, I think, and then other guys jumped on.

Mike Ercolano (20:06): Right.

Kelly Krauss (20:09):
That could be the wrong company. But, either way, it’s good to see that people are standing up against

it and fighting for themselves as they should be.

Mike Ercolano (20:17):
I mean, you have to. You have to.

Kelly Krauss (20:18): Right. Right.

Mike Ercolano (20:20):
Again, I would think and I would hope that the side effects of this are few and far between, but just look

at it. Just the other day Colin Powell died. Colin Powell?

Kelly Krauss (20:31): Collin.

Mike Ercolano (20:32):
Colin Powell. Colin. I like Colin better.

Kelly Krauss (20:34):
Well, did you hear how they were saying he died?

Mike Ercolano (20:40): From COVID complications.

Kelly Krauss (20:42): Correct.

Mike Ercolano (20:43): But he’s double vaxxed.

Kelly Krauss (20:43):

But he had blood cancer and an auto immune disease and five other things but, yet, what they said was he died of COVID.

Mike Ercolano (20:52):
Right. And he’s double vaxxed.

Kelly Krauss (20:54): Right.

Mike Ercolano (20:58):

That’s exactly in a nutshell of what has happened over the last 18 months, 20 months, whatever the fuck it’s been. He died from a lot of … There was probably many other issues that killed him before or were going to kill him before he got COVID and he was probably going to pass away soon regardless-

Kelly Krauss (21:17): Soon. Yes.

Mike Ercolano (21:17): … if he got COVID or not.

Kelly Krauss (21:19): Yes.

Mike Ercolano (21:19):
Plus, he’s double vaxxed, so obviously the vaccine didn’t do anything for him.

Kelly Krauss (21:26):
Right. He was high risk anyway.

Mike Ercolano (21:27):

It didn’t do anything for him, right? The argument of passing it to somebody who’s high risk it’s just stupid to me. It’s stupid to me. It’s just a way and we might lose some listeners this way, but the truth has to be put out there. It’s just a way of population controlling. Controlling us as … Controlling our actions and being able to put the thumb down where they want to. As soon as they take control away, which is what we’ve been saying or as soon as they take freedoms away, which is what we’ve been saying for the past 19 months or some of us been saying for the 19 months. Once those are taken away, they don’t give it back. They don’t give it back. You have to fight for it back. Once they take it away they take away more and more and more. It might be very short-sighted right now to say who cares, it’s just-

Kelly Krauss (22:23): It’s just a vaccine.

Mike Ercolano (22:24):

… a 100 companies. It’s just companies with 100 employees or more. It’s going to trickle down. I was in Starbucks the other day in New York and it’s so dumb. This is how ridiculously dumb it is. The line was out the door with mobile order pickups. We walked right up, ordered our whatever coffee there from the barista. We stood there and waited because we’re obviously pretty last in line because they’re doing all the mobile orders. We waited 10 minutes. We weren’t in a rush. We were standing there waiting, waiting, waiting. As I’m standing there reading, I’m reading the sign and if I literally walked four feet behind me and sat down they would have to check my proof of vax. But because I was standing there waiting for my coffee, it didn’t matter. When they brought the coffee, if I took my coffee, turned around and walked four feet and sat down, they would’ve asked me for my vax idea. Now there’s 20 people in the place standing shoulder to shoulder waiting in line for their mobile order so that they could pick it up quicker, which it didn’t work.

Kelly Krauss (23:37): Didn’t happen.

Mike Ercolano (23:41):

Literally, where they’re standing I’d have to ask one of them to move to sit down in the booth. They would be okay, but I wouldn’t be okay sitting there and that just shows how crazy this thing. It’s just crazy. I’m sorry if you disagree but, frankly, at this point, I honestly don’t care either. I’d rather have a conversation with you about it and at least hear you out than do this stupid little song and dance that we’re all doing right now as a country, I guess. Because I think that there’s more people who agree with what I’m saying. I think that majority of the people out there agree with what I’m saying and majority of the people out there don’t think that we should have these mandates, but here we are.

Kelly Krauss (24:32):

You know it’s nice to go out. It’s funny because you notice when you go out to eat or whatever. You notice who’s wearing a mask and who’s not. It’s nice to see some restaurants not masking their workers because I feel so bad for them.

Mike Ercolano (24:45): Of course.

Kelly Krauss (24:46):
But I’m starting to notice more and more-

Mike Ercolano (24:48):
There’s a bunch that are, yeah.

Kelly Krauss (24:49):
… they’re starting to release that and good for them. I’m going to go to those places more than I am

where these poor workers are hiding behind their mask.

Mike Ercolano (24:58):
Again, I don’t have a problem with the mask either. If you want to wear a mask wear it.

Kelly Krauss (25:01):


Mike Ercolano (25:01):

I feel I want to wear a mask when I’m coaching, go ahead, I don’t care. Wear double masks, wear masks and condoms. I don’t care. Do whatever you want when you’re coaching. Seriously. As long as you feel safe.

Kelly Krauss (25:14):
Right. Exact .

Mike Ercolano (25:15):

I’m not going to force anybody to wear a mask. I’m not going to force … Never again, even if they tell us whatever. Never again. We’re not doing that again. Unless everyone’s walking in with N95’s that are perfectly fitted for your face be that is, in reality, the only mask that actually works at stopping this type of airborne virus. Even then, it’s not stopping it completely. But not that these gaiters and these medical masks that don’t fit. The sides are open.

Kelly Krauss (25:48):
Yeah. Big hole on the sides.

Mike Ercolano (25:49): It’s just-

Kelly Krauss (25:49):
It’s ridiculous. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Mike Ercolano (25:51):

So we’re not doing that again. Again, this whole thing with this basketball player was silenced by the team, by the NBA, and this was just a leaked Twitch recording that came out. Personally, and I’ve never really said this before, I guess first one I’ll say is on air. I think that the vaccine had a lot to do with my mother’s passing. She got COVID right in the beginning right before one of her surgeries or actually right after one of her surgeries. A year or so went by and then the vaccine came out and she got the vaccine. After somewhere around that time … She got her second shot right when she started chemo. She wanted to make sure everything was all right. They pushed back, I think, chemo a few days to make sure she wasn’t having any side effects from it. She didn’t have any side effects. Boom, started chemo.

Mike Ercolano (26:58):

She was on chemo for a few months and then she was getting weaker and weaker. I’m sorry, she came off of chemo for a few months and she did the cycle and then came off of it. When she was supposed to be getting better, she was getting weaker and weaker. She felt trouble breathing. She went and she had blood clots all in her lungs. Now this was all within about a month or so, maybe a little bit longer after she got the second dose of the vaccine. The doctor is saying, “Oh, it’s residual. It could be residual from COVID. We’re seeing this in a lot of COVID that they’re getting blood clots. It’s a residual.” This was a year later. It was within a couple months or a month of her getting the vaccine. To me, I mean, just

deductive reasoning would tell me that … I don’t know, is that the right term? Deductive reasoning?

Kelly Krauss (27:54): It sounded good.

Mike Ercolano (27:54):
Oh, I like it. Yeah. After I said it I’m like, “Oh, maybe that’s not the right …” All right, yeah. With

deductive reasoning … now I can’t … I just fucked myself.

John Esposito (28:04):
That seemed to be the case, yeah.

Mike Ercolano (28:05):

Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s true. Obviously, there’s no way of proving that. They didn’t say she died from blood clots or whatever, but she had blood clot problems, issues with blood clots, before all this. During one of her surgeries they almost had to cancel it last minute because she had a blood clot behind her leg and the anesthesiologist didn’t want her to go in. But then they tested it and it was a different type of blood clot. I don’t know. If Victoria was here she’d go off to all the medical terms. But there’s couple different type of blood clots. This one wasn’t dangerous to break off and go to her heart or her brain, so they allowed the surgery to happen. But she’s always had circulatory issues. I think the vaccine just hurt her circulatory system even more. She’s a person that they say should have the vaccine because she’s high risk. Her immunity level’s probably low or definitely low with chemo and everything, but I think it really weakened her circulatory. She got blood clots in her lungs. Obviously, there’s no proof. There’s nothing that shows or says that it’s definitely from the vaccine. You can’t say that and nobody will ever report that.

Kelly Krauss (29:21):
Right. Nobody’s going to show you that. Right.

Mike Ercolano (29:22):
It wasn’t even a conversation with the doctor. It was like, “Oh well, we’ve seen this happen with some

people who have had COVID.? Okay, but what about the vaccine? The vaccine especially-

Kelly Krauss (29:32):
They’re not going to say that.

Mike Ercolano (29:32):

… at that point just for all them. My parents were one of the first people to get it. Not the first people to get it, but they were in the first wave of people to get it. I don’t know. I don’t know. Interesting, scary, sad world-

Kelly Krauss (29:51):
Yeah, it’s such a crazy time-

Mike Ercolano (29:52):

… right now.

Kelly Krauss (29:53):
… right now. Who do you trust? What do you trust?

Mike Ercolano (29:55): Right.

John Esposito (29:56):
Especially when there’s ways to stay healthier too than going for vaccine.

Mike Ercolano (29:59):

Right. Oh, absolutely. I mean, look, we’ve said it a gazillion times before in the past. You could go get whatever vaccine you want for whatever virus and whatnot’s out there. If you’re not healthy, something’s going to get you.

Kelly Krauss (30:12): Right.

John Esposito (30:13): Absolutely.

Mike Ercolano (30:13):
Something’s going to get you. Especially as we go into this winter, who knows what’s going to happen

with the virus, with COVID, the flu, if that’s even a thing anymore.

John Esposito (30:26):
You didn’t know the flu doesn’t exist anymore?

Mike Ercolano (30:30):

But who knows what’s going to happen with that. I think that the thing that we should be most focused on is being our own advocates and taking our own immunity into our own hands and not relying on outside sources. Sorry.

Kelly Krauss (30:46):
It’s always the case. Taking care of yourself, your immunity. I always go to nutrition first.

Mike Ercolano (30:52): Right.

Kelly Krauss (30:53): Supplements, of course. Exercise.

John Esposito (30:55):

Gut health is your body’s health.

Kelly Krauss (30:56): Yup.

Mike Ercolano (30:58):
We’ll go over our top five immunity boosting natural … I didn’t fuck that up that bad. Natural immunity

boosting techniques. I don’t know.

John Esposito (31:08): Techniques or supplements.

Mike Ercolano (31:09):
What’s a good catch term for this? Top five immune boosting …

John Esposito (31:17):
Top five things you add to your life-

Mike Ercolano (31:19): Thanks.

John Esposito (31:19):
… to boost your immunity.

Mike Ercolano (31:21): Thanks.

Kelly Krauss (31:22): Vaccines.

Mike Ercolano (31:22): The non-vaccine vaccine.

Kelly Krauss (31:22):
Yeah, the non-vaccine vaccine.

Mike Ercolano (31:26): Here’s the top-

Kelly Krauss (31:27): Here’s our top five.

Mike Ercolano (31:28):

Here’s our top five proprietary formula that goes into our non-vaccine vaccine-

Kelly Krauss (31:34): You can’t get it-

Mike Ercolano (31:35): … which is not a vaccine.

Kelly Krauss (31:36):
Right. It’s not a vaccine. The non-vaccine vaccine.

Mike Ercolano (31:40): The non-vaccine vaccine.

Kelly Krauss (31:40): I kind of like that.

Mike Ercolano (31:41):

All right. Here’s the immunity non-vaccine vaccine. Number one would be for … sorry. Number one for our non-vaccine vaccine for natural immunity would be to get adequate vitamin D intake and have high enough vitamin D levels. Again, this is something just talking about COVID specifically because there’s a lot of studies that came out on that and showing how vitamin D significantly helped fight COVID. Outside of that, it’s been a pandemic in itself. We talk about overweight and obesity being a pandemic. Well, low vitamin D levels, I think, could go right along in that and something that’s not really talked about. It is a pillar of immunity. It is a pillar of a good healthy immune system that specially if you live in the Northeast, like we do, when it starts getting cold out it’s tough to keep those levels up because you get that directly from sunlight. Without taking a supplement, that’s really the only way you could really get high enough vitamin D levels. Most of us, especially probably our listeners who are probably mostly local right now, are probably walking around with a low vitamin D level.

Kelly Krauss (33:04):
Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. And, I mean, even they say getting it from the sun might not even be

enough, so it’s definitely something I think you need to take.

Mike Ercolano (33:11):
Right. Right. I don’t know our biology or whatever, but I think if you’re not really exposed to it that much

you probably don’t really process it very well from the sun.

Kelly Krauss (33:25): Right. Right.

John Esposito (33:25): Yup.

Episode 37 Vocals (Completed 10/21/21) Transcript by Rev.com

Mike Ercolano (33:26):

Like if you go out into the sun and we’re in the winter all year and then we go out in the sun for the first time, you don’t put sunscreen on you burn because your body’s not adjusted to it. If you’re not used to absorbing sunlight and making that into … or taking the vitamin D and using it, we probably are inefficient at doing that compared to other cultures or other regions that are in the sun all the time. It’s definitely super important to take a supplement to make sure you’re getting it.

John Esposito (33:53):
Now before you go to your next one, kind of like a one and a half?

Mike Ercolano (33:58): A 1B? 1A, 1B?

John Esposito (34:00): Yeah.

Kelly Krauss (34:00):
Because we’ve already established there’s five non-vaccine vaccines, John.

John Esposito (34:03):

Actually, you can boost the benefit of vitamin D by taking a magnesium supplement with that because magnesium actually helps with the uptake of vitamin D in almost all factors of doing. Whether it’s , whether it’s intake and through a supplement or you get it through the sun, magnesium actually helps with the intake.

Mike Ercolano (34:25):
That’s a great point. I forgot all about that. That’s a great point. That’s actually part

of my supplement stack.

Kelly Krauss (34:29):
Did you take too?

Mike Ercolano (34:31):

Yeah. I take magnesium and vitamin D, so that’s part of it. That’s a great point. That’s not a 1A. I guess, 1B, because we’re giving a supplement recommendation. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about vitamin D. Some people or research says that you shouldn’t take more than 4,000 IUs per day. Some says that’s right, it’s healthy. I take a 5,000 IU vitamin D every single day. I’ve been doing that for a while. I’m pretty sure I’m pretty healthy. I haven’t got my vitamin D levels checked. Just haven’t gone for blood work recently, but I don’t have a problem taking 5,000 IU. I’m not telling you anybody else should be taking that, but there is a lot of –

Kelly Krauss (35:13):
Why are you taking 5,000? Is that what your bottle says?

Mike Ercolano (35:17):

That’s what it says and it’s one pill.

Kelly Krauss (35:19): Little guy.

Mike Ercolano (35:19):

I was taking the 1,000 IUs and then I’d have to take a few and I said I’ll just buy the 5,000 IU. It just makes it easier. To be honest, we’re probably not absorbing 100% of what’s in the supplements anyway, so I’m sure there’s a loss factor there. Tip number one or tip 1A and 1B is to make sure your vitamin D levels and your magnesium levels are high enough. If not, make sure you’re taking adequate levels of supplements for those. Number two, for the non-vaccine vaccine approach to healthy immunity. I like that one.

Kelly Krauss (35:57): That really just-

Mike Ercolano (35:57): I think that’s your title.

Kelly Krauss (35:58):
… rolls off the tongue there.

Mike Ercolano (35:59):

I think that’s your title right there. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to repeat that but it’s definitely going to be our title. Would be to get your greens. I don’t really care how you get your greens, whether it’s through whole foods, which I obviously recommend, or if you take a green shake, but there are plenty of good green shakes that will give you supposedly the adequate level. Now I do both. I try to make sure I do both because I don’t think I actually get enough levels of or high enough amounts of greens in my diet, even though I do have it every day. But you do need a lot to get the benefits of it. I do that. I make sure I have spinach and broccoli and all my greens as much as I can, but I also take a green drink supplement every morning. That’s how I kind of try and stay on top of that. There’s so many great benefits. I mean, we could spend an entire show talking about all the benefits of greens and green veggies and all the-

John Esposito (36:56): Absolutely.

Mike Ercolano (36:56):
… different vitamins and minerals. But because we’re starting to run short on time-

Kelly Krauss (37:01):
Just remember that green is the MVP color.

Mike Ercolano (37:04):

I like that. Green is the MVP color.

Kelly Krauss (37:05):
It is, yeah. So when we talk-

John Esposito (37:07):
It’s got the most benefits.

Kelly Krauss (37:08):
… eating a rainbow of things a day, green is your MVP.

Mike Ercolano (37:11): Green is the MVP?

Kelly Krauss (37:12): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Mike Ercolano (37:13):
All right. Cool. John, do you have a 2B to that too?

John Esposito (37:17): I don’t actually.

Mike Ercolano (37:18):
Okay. Good. Number three. Number three for our non-vaccine vaccine approach to healthy immunity.

Kelly Krauss (37:27):
We should write it on the board.

Mike Ercolano (37:29):
I got to go back and listen to this anyway. I’m going to edit it. John, you want to take number three.

John Esposito (37:34): Sure.

Mike Ercolano (37:35):
You said you had two prepared, correct?

John Esposito (37:36):

Yeah, so this one’s actually another supplemental one. This adds more of just antioxidants themselves, but one really specific one’s called CoQ10. It’s capital C, lowercase O, capital Q, 10. It’s antioxidant that has been found to specifically affect a lot of the immunity cells. It gets either cells that you already have in your system working more efficiently or it gets the systems that create those cells working more efficiently as well and actually also helps with the effect of getting those to start up their effect quicker as well. Rather than just being efficient, they’re fast, efficient, and creating more of just based out of the supplement of CoQ10.

Mike Ercolano (38:19):
Now aren’t there health benefits to CoQ10 as well?

John Esposito (38:24): There is actually.

Mike Ercolano (38:25): All right.

John Esposito (38:25):
Yeah. It helps with specifically blood vessels around the heard. Helps it keep plaque out of those arteries

and veins specifically, but also helps with the firing of the nervous system that affects the heart itself.

Mike Ercolano (38:39):
All right. That supplement-

Kelly Krauss (38:41):
That sounds like a good one.

Mike Ercolano (38:43):
… has been around for a long time .

John Esposito (38:44):
Yeah. CoQ10s been around for, I think, 25 years, 30 years-

Kelly Krauss (38:46):
Oh, it’s a long time.

John Esposito (38:46):
… as available supplement.

Mike Ercolano (38:47):

I mean, I remember infomercials, for some reason, of CoQ10 with the old people on TV. I don’t know. Like 2:00 in the morning watching these infomercials that sell these really expensive CoQ10 to other old people who are probably awake. Just waking up at 4:00 and I’m just going to bed at 4:00 at that time. But CoQ10 has been out for a long time. All right, so that’s number three.

John Esposito (39:07):


Mike Ercolano (39:08):
And that’s just a regular supplement that you could get over-the-counter, right?

John Esposito (39:11): It is.

Kelly Krauss (39:12): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

John Esposito (39:12):
Yup. You could get it over-the-counter. You could actually get it at any kind of CVS.

Mike Ercolano (39:15):
Cool. All right. Sounds like you’re on a roll. You want to take number four?

John Esposito (39:19):
Actually, number four was my 1B, but …

Mike Ercolano (39:24): Didn’t we go over this?

Kelly Krauss (39:24): This is very confusing.

Mike Ercolano (39:26): Didn’t we go over this?

Kelly Krauss (39:27):
Well, no. He had two, magnesium and CoQ10.

Mike Ercolano (39:30): Oh, but you made it 1B?

Kelly Krauss (39:31): Yes.

John Esposito (39:32):
Yeah. Just because it fit better.

Kelly Krauss (39:33):
He added the magnesium on because of the D.

Mike Ercolano (39:35):

All right, so this will be our top 4-1/2-

John Esposito (39:38):
I can think of another one.

Mike Ercolano (39:39):

… immunity non-vaccine vaccine natural immunity boosters. I can’t talk about immunity without talking about exercise. They go hand in hand. It doesn’t have to be incredibly intense exercise. It doesn’t have to be trying to beat the world record for marathon time. But exercise on a regular basis, on a consistent basis, at even low intensity like a walk every single day, shows that it significantly raises your immunity and it helps your body just be stronger against viruses, diseases, whatever, all the stuff that we’re going to encounter, especially over here in the northeast for the next couple months ahead of us. Exercise and even more specifically outdoor exercise. That will be my 4B.

John Esposito (40:38):
If you are fighting some kind of infection, getting exercise in the 50 to 60% heart rate zone has actually

been found to increase-

Kelly Krauss (40:46): Push it out?

John Esposito (40:46):
Yeah. To push it out quicker and it also just helps recovery.

Mike Ercolano (40:49):
All right. Mr. Science Guy. Get your heart rate to 50 or 60%, right?

John Esposito (40:53):
Yup. To our Myzone users, that’s blue and green.

Kelly Krauss (40:57):
Yellow is 70 to 80, green is 60 to 70.

John Esposito (41:01):
Yeah, so blue and green. Get yourselves in those blue and green zones. You know what? I can throw a

number five if you want a number five, Mike.

Mike Ercolano (41:07):
All right. I guess we’re number five then. Let me just finish up with the exercise first.

John Esposito (41:11): Of course.

Kelly Krauss (41:11):

I’d like to segue off that too before we get to number five.

John Esposito (41:14): Cool.

Mike Ercolano (41:14):
Okay. All right. You guys want to take a ticket, a number? You’re going first?

Kelly Krauss (41:18): Oh, are you done?

Mike Ercolano (41:19):

No, not yet. No. Exercise it’s something that is proven to increase our immune system and something that’s free and something that anybody can do. It’s something that you can do at your desk. You could stand up and exercise. It sounds all familiar. I’ve said this before a million times on a lot of other shows. Maybe not a million times considering this is episode 37, but this number … Well, number four now, not our final one, but number four, should be something that could be implemented into your life right now. It will be not only beneficial for obviously your longterm health, but if we’re talking specifically about immunity, raising your heart rate up a little bit, even just a little bit like John said, 50, 60%, will significantly boost your immune system. Like I said, specifically outside if you can. Why? I don’t know. I think it’s like a-

Kelly Krauss (42:20): Fresh air.

Mike Ercolano (42:20):
… old wives’ tale or something. I’m not allowed to say that anymore, right?

Kelly Krauss (42:27): What?

Mike Ercolano (42:27): Wives’ tale.

Kelly Krauss (42:27): Oh, you’re not?

Mike Ercolano (42:28): That’s offensive.

Kelly Krauss (42:29): It is?

Mike Ercolano (42:29):

Yeah. I don’t know. I think it’s offensive. I heard-

Kelly Krauss (42:31): Probably. I don’t know now.

Mike Ercolano (42:32):
I heard marijuana was offensive to Mexicans because it was a term that was like-

Kelly Krauss (42:38): I highly doubt that.

Mike Ercolano (42:40):

… given to them. I don’t know. Anyway, we don’t need to talk about that. Getting exercise outside does, in my opinion too, it does boost your immune system and you’re getting exposed to outdoor nature elements so not only may you get your … Maybe you’ll get your vitamin D up a little bit, but just being exposed to the outdoors. When I was a little baby or, I guess, infant my Russian, I think it was Russian, doctor told my mom right after I was born to take me outside every day for 30 minutes a day no matter what and I was born in November.

Kelly Krauss (43:16):
Were you jaundiced? Were you yellow?

Mike Ercolano (43:18):

No. No. He said, “Even through the winter take him outside for 30 minutes or so. Get him exposed to being outside. Don’t worry about … He’ll be all right. He’ll be fine. Take him.” My mom took me outside and I don’t know if it made me healthier or whatnot, but that was just that old school Russian. Build his immune system by taking him outside in the cold and whatever-

Kelly Krauss (43:42): Yes, by using nature.

Mike Ercolano (43:42):
… but there’s something to that.

Kelly Krauss (43:45): Absolutely.

Mike Ercolano (43:45):

There’s something to that so get outside and exercise. If you really can’t get outside because it’s too cold just do some exercise every day. Get moving. Get your heart rate up. Get a little sweat going and you’ll be able to be much stronger with fighting off any type of viruses, bacteria, whatever, that comes your way. All right, John, let’s hear your number five.

John Esposito (44:04):

And actually number five’s going to be kind of tailoring off your last little bit there being out in the cold. Actually, cold’s susceptibility or being out in the cold or cold showers or anything of the sorts has actually been proven through multiple-

Kelly Krauss (44:18): Cold showers?

John Esposito (44:18):

Cold showers are actually one of the best things for you is to have cold showers for the sake of your immunity, skin health, joint health, muscle health. For the most part, cold showers are ideal. They suck, but they’re ideal. But being old in the cold too has had some kind of sign of exposure to helping fight off illness or helping to boost immunity.

Mike Ercolano (44:40):

Yeah. Again, it goes back to the old school thinking about the bath house and stuff where you’d go into the steam room and then jump into the cold plunge and go back. That’s been around forever. It’s been done by, I don’t know, Europeans and stuff. It hasn’t been part of our culture, but it’s getting, I think, more and more exposure into our culture. Now I’m getting ads on Instagram for cold plunges that you can put in your backyard or around your deck. I think it’s something that can really benefit if you could muster up the balls to do it. Jump in a nice cold water, going outside in the cold with minimal clothes on. Not naked unless you’re into that.

John Esposito (45:30):
Yeah. If that’s your thing done it.

Kelly Krauss (45:33):
Have you guys done it? You’ve done a polar plunge, right?

John Esposito (45:33):
Oh, I do polar plunges every year.

Mike Ercolano (45:34): I never have, no.

Kelly Krauss (45:36): You should.

John Esposito (45:36):
They’re not bad. It’s invigorating. It really is.

Mike Ercolano (45:40):
When I used to go to the Turkish spa with one of my Albanian friends who used to take me there and we

would go we would do the contrast. We would go in the sauna for a while or the steam room or whatever and crank it up really high and then right outside was the cold plunge and we would … It’s freezing cold and you’d jump in right away and spend as long as you can until you can’t do I anymore and then you come out. You did it back and forth. It’s crazy how everything feels different. Even breathing is different when you’re going through the process. It’s just a whole different experience. Supposedly, there’s a lot of immune boosting. Boosting. Did I say that weird? Immune boosting.

Kelly Krauss (46:25): You were fine until-

John Esposito (46:26): The health benefits.

Kelly Krauss (46:26):
… you went back to revisit it.

Mike Ercolano (46:28): Benefits, so-

Kelly Krauss (46:29): Yeah.

Mike Ercolano (46:30):
Cool. All right. Go and get outside in the cold.

John Esposito (46:32):
Yup. Embrace the season we’re in right now, especially on the East Coast.

Kelly Krauss (46:35):

Well, if you just look at what your … Our grandparents were probably a similar age. You just look at what they did. They were so healthy and they all did that kind … They went out for walks. That’s the stuff they did.

Mike Ercolano (46:46): Yeah. I walk every day.

Kelly Krauss (46:47): Natural remedies.

Mike Ercolano (46:48): I walk every day now.

John Esposito (46:48): I walk three miles-

Mike Ercolano (46:49):

I try to walk every day.

John Esposito (46:50): … up a hill in the snow.

Kelly Krauss (46:51): Both ways, John.

Mike Ercolano (46:51): Both ways.

John Esposito (46:51): Both ways.

Kelly Krauss (46:52): Both ways.

Mike Ercolano (46:53):
That’s funny. My bus stop was actually up a hill-

Kelly Krauss (46:56): It was?

Mike Ercolano (46:56):
… and it was actually a pretty steep mountain that I had to walk up even when it snowed.

John Esposito (47:02): Yeah?

Mike Ercolano (47:03): But I had shoes on.

Kelly Krauss (47:04):
Well, that was good. And a coat obviously.

Mike Ercolano (47:05):
And a coat. And when I got home it was downhill. It wasn’t uphill both ways.

Kelly Krauss (47:09): That’s amazing.

Mike Ercolano (47:10):

My life. I lived a cushy life.

Kelly Krauss (47:12): Yeah, it was easier.

Mike Ercolano (47:13):
Yeah. My entitled life. But get outside. Get outside, some exercise. I made a commitment to myself I’m

going to walk outside no matter what unless it’s-

John Esposito (47:24): Blizzard.

Mike Ercolano (47:25):

… or I’m going to get my life threatened because of the weather. That’s why I bought this coat. This is a raincoat. I guess it’s a climbing coat because of the saying on the back of it. It’s made waterproof or whatever. I have new shoes coming. The bottoms are kind of all weather.

Kelly Krauss (47:42): Are they white?

Mike Ercolano (47:43): No, they’re black.

Kelly Krauss (47:44):
All right. Good.

Mike Ercolano (47:44):

They’re black. I got the … I forgot the name of it but they’re like the minimalist shoes, but they don’t look stupid like the ones Bryan used to wear. Remember the ones that Bryan used to wear with the toes.

Kelly Krauss (47:56): Huh.

John Esposito (47:56):
Wasn’t I just talking about this the other day?

Mike Ercolano (47:58): Were you? Were you?

Kelly Krauss (48:00):
And he’s scared to wear them because of you.

John Esposito (48:03):

Oh, he can wear them. I’ll just make fun of you. Oh perfect.

Kelly Krauss (48:06): Oh, this is perfect.

John Esposito (48:07):
I know what I’m ordering. The toes.

Mike Ercolano (48:09): Well this is … here.

Kelly Krauss (48:09):
Let me see. I need a visual on this.

Mike Ercolano (48:11):
No, these look like sneakers. These look like regular. The same ones you got.

John Esposito (48:16):
No, I’m going for Barefoot, like the Barefoot shoes or Barefoot brand.

Mike Ercolano (48:21): Okay. Well, anyway-

Kelly Krauss (48:23):
John, yours are to train in, right?

John Esposito (48:25):
Yeah. Mine are to train in and-

Kelly Krauss (48:26): And yours are to-

John Esposito (48:28): … normal life.

Mike Ercolano (48:28):

To walk in or you can train in them too, workout in them, but I work out barefoot anyway. I don’t need … If I’m working on somebody else’s gym, I guess, I’ll bring those shoes. But I never wear … The only time I put shoes on is when I got to push the sled. I mean, I could probably … It’s going to take me forever to find. I’ll find the name of this company.

John Esposito (48:47):

Is it Vivobarefoot?

Mike Ercolano (48:48): Yes.

John Esposito (48:50):
That’s who I bought my shoes from.

Kelly Krauss (48:52): Oh.

Mike Ercolano (48:52): Yeah. They look good.

Kelly Krauss (48:52):
Well, this is all coming full circle here.

Mike Ercolano (48:54):
No. They look good. They look all right. Yeah, here you go. Here, I’ll show you, Kel. I’ll show you one.

Kelly Krauss (48:59):
Now why did you change your shoes?

Mike Ercolano (49:01): What do you mean? Like-

Kelly Krauss (49:02):
Well, yeah. Is this a specific shoe for walking.

Mike Ercolano (49:05):
Oh, it’s for … I mean, these ones are made for the outdoor, but they’re minimalist shoes that don’t look


John Esposito (49:12):
Yeah. They look like actual shoes. They have pairs that look exactly like a pair of Vans.

Kelly Krauss (49:17):
Oh, okay.

Mike Ercolano (49:17):
So outdoor. See, here’s outdoor.

John Esposito (49:21):

Thank you, Vivobarefoot for –

Mike Ercolano (49:22): All weather.

John Esposito (49:23): … good products.

Kelly Krauss (49:23): Yes.

Mike Ercolano (49:26): Let’s see.

Kelly Krauss (49:27):
Is that the brand that Bryan used to wear?

Mike Ercolano (49:29): I don’t think so.

John Esposito (49:30):
I think it’s one of the pairs he used to wear, but not the toe shoes. They don’t make

toe shoes.

Mike Ercolano (49:34): This is the ones I ordered.

Kelly Krauss (49:34): Oh, okay.

Mike Ercolano (49:36):
Because the other ones were white and I didn’t want to wear white outside, so these are black. These

are black. See, they kind of look like a sneaker.

Kelly Krauss (49:46): Yup.

Mike Ercolano (49:47): They’re not-

Kelly Krauss (49:47): Very much so.

Mike Ercolano (49:47):

They’re not ugly.

Kelly Krauss (49:47): No.

Mike Ercolano (49:48): They have other ones that-

John Esposito (49:50):
They make trail shoes. They make hiking boots.

Mike Ercolano (49:53):
They do. They do. Yeah. These guys-

Kelly Krauss (49:56):
You got to have the right shoe for the right activity.

John Esposito (49:57): Absolutely.

Kelly Krauss (49:58): You really do.

Mike Ercolano (49:58):
So anyway, I’m committed to my outdoor walking every day.

John Esposito (50:01): Good.

Kelly Krauss (50:04):
How long have you been doing it?

Mike Ercolano (50:04):
How long do I walk or how long have I been doing it my routine?

Kelly Krauss (50:06):
No, how long have … yeah. How long have you had his routine?

Mike Ercolano (50:10):
I guess maybe about a month now. I mean, I’ve been trying to walk-

Kelly Krauss (50:13):

Nah, it’s been more than that.

Mike Ercolano (50:13):

Has it been more than that? Then I don’t really remember. I guess a few months then. A few months. I try to get it in. Now I’m more … I’ve been adding the weight vest on. Maybe that’s been about a month or maybe longer. I don’t really remember. Time flies. It’s something that I’ve committed to myself because I see the benefits. I was wearing my headphones and I went out and spent $50 on new headphones that I don’t wear anymore now because I like the silence. I was listening to podcasts when I was walking around. I always listen to podcasts and books when I’m driving. That’s supposed to be your downtime, when you’re driving, your alone time. My walk is my time too kind of. Disengage, I guess, disconnect. I’ve actually came up with a lot of good clear thoughts when I’ve been out walking. Outside of the immune boosting-

Kelly Krauss (51:09):
Well, I have to tell you here on my November 2020 Reader’s Digest. I’m telling you,


John Esposito (51:15):
Wait, what? You still have a November 2020, huh?

Kelly Krauss (51:17):
Yeah. I save them and then I bring them to the lake. I’m serious.

John Esposito (51:20):
Yeah, I believe you, obviously.

Kelly Krauss (51:22):
Your brain was made for walking. Look. Two-page story about how important-

Mike Ercolano (51:27): Weird.

Kelly Krauss (51:27):
Yeah, seriously. I was like, “I can’t bring this up again because we keep talking about Reader’s Digest and


Mike Ercolano (51:32): But we have to now.

Kelly Krauss (51:33):
But seriously, this is all about getting out and not having your headphones on and not having your

phone with you and absorbing nature and let your creativity flow just by your thoughts of looking- Mike Ercolano (51:47):


John Esposito (51:47): When I do my hikes-

Mike Ercolano (51:48): Crazy.

John Esposito (51:48):
… phone is off. I do not touch my phone for the entire hour and a half, two hours I’m out there-

Mike Ercolano (51:53): Crazy.

John Esposito (51:53): … and just walk.

Mike Ercolano (51:53): We’re in the same wave.

Kelly Krauss (51:55):
And they’re saying scenery is important.

Mike Ercolano (51:59):
That’s something that everyone can put into their life. Go out for a walk.

Kelly Krauss (52:05): Yes. Yes.

John Esposito (52:05):
And it doesn’t have to be even an intense walk. Go for a light walk with your family, friends, kids,


Kelly Krauss (52:13):
Yeah. I think they key is getting outside.

Mike Ercolano (52:15):
Just getting outside and moving.

Kelly Krauss (52:16): Yeah.

Mike Ercolano (52:16):

Get outside and move. I guess that’s it. We’re kind of running out of time here. Just to recap real quick, our top five immunity booster non-vaccine vaccine things. I’ll go back and … Whatever the title is is the good one, so I’ll go back and listen to it all. Whatever the title of the episode is is the good one. But get your vitamin D, make sure you’re getting your greens every day. Take your CoQ10. Exercise daily and get outside daily, especially if you can, unless it’s in a crazy blizzard or tsunami or whatever then take the day off.

Kelly Krauss (52:54): Or shovel.

Mike Ercolano (52:55):
Well, shovel … well, yeah it’s-

Kelly Krauss (52:56): I enjoy shoveling.

John Esposito (52:57):
Absolutely. That’s a whole workout and some.

Mike Ercolano (52:58):
And shovel. Don’t get the … unless you have a mile-long driveway uphill, don’t get

the snowblower, shovel. Do some physical activity. Even though that is the number one-

Kelly Krauss (53:10): Heart attack thrower?

Mike Ercolano (53:11):
Yeah. If you’re obese or overweight do not do that. Come to us first for the next couple months and then

you could shovel this winter.

Kelly Krauss (53:18):
That should be an ad we run.

Mike Ercolano (53:20): It’s a great idea.

Kelly Krauss (53:21):
It’s almost shoveling season.

Mike Ercolano (53:25):
Yeah. It’s actually a great idea.

Kelly Krauss (53:26):

Let’s get in your … We can do that with our marketing guy. He-

Mike Ercolano (53:27):
Yeah. Yes. All right. Look for our ad on Facebook.

Kelly Krauss (53:30): Yeah, it’ll be out there.

Mike Ercolano (53:33):
And Google. All right, guys, let’s wrap this up. You guys want to say anything.

John Esposito (53:36): That’s all I got.

Mike Ercolano (53:36): That’s all you got?

Kelly Krauss (53:36):
No, thanks for listening and have a great week.

John Esposito (53:38): Thank you, everybody.

Mike Ercolano (53:39):

And thanks for listening to episode number 37. Please like the show, share it. Give us a five star review. We really appreciate them. They’re coming in kind of slow. I guess it’s telling us we’re not doing a good job, but the more of those we get the more listeners we can get. Please if you have … I think it’s only on iTunes, but they’re a big deal for our exposure, so help us get exposed.