Episode 38

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Published on November 2, 2021

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Transcript and Time Stamps

Mike Ercolano (00:00):

What’s up everybody? Thank you for listening to NextGen Radio. This is a podcast for those of you who want the truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to diet, exercise, and all things health. This is episode number 38, and I am Mike Ercolano. I’m here with Kelly Krauss and John Esposito.

Kelly Krauss (00:16): Hello.

John Esposito (00:17): Hello hello.

Mike Ercolano (00:17):

And welcome to our episode. Thanks for listening, and before we start if you guys could please just do us a favor and share the show with a friend or a family member, especially now as we’re getting into the holiday seasons and you’re going to be around some people that you probably run out of small talk to talk about. So you can talk about our show and share it with them please, that would be great.

Kelly Krauss (00:42):
That’s a great idea. That’s a great idea.

Mike Ercolano (00:43):
I know, right? I just thought about that on the spot right there.

Kelly Krauss (00:45):

Thanksgiving dinner, right? So when you sit around the table… I don’t know if you guys do this, and everybody says what they’re thankful for, whatever that may be, they could say, “I’m thankful for the NextGen Podcast.” Because-

John Esposito (00:56):
“All the great information I learned on the NextGen Podcast.”

Kelly Krauss (01:00):
Yes, and then aunt Susie will be like, “Oh, well what’s that all about?” Hence there’s the conversation, I

like that.

Mike Ercolano (01:07):
Yeah cousin David said he started listening to us.

Kelly Krauss (01:09):
The Chester guy, the Chester cousin?

Mike Ercolano (01:11): Yeah.

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Mike Ercolano (01:13):
So maybe he’ll be thankful for our podcast, and he’ll share it at our dinner table.

Kelly Krauss (01:18):
Well there you go, there you go.

Mike Ercolano (01:21):
I don’t even know what we’re doing for Thanksgiving to be honest.

John Esposito (01:23):
I’m with you on that one. This is a weird Thanksgiving for our family too.

Kelly Krauss (01:26): It is, why?

John Esposito (01:28):
A lot of stuff up in the air. You never know what’s going on.

Kelly Krauss (01:31):
Maybe you’re going to have to whip out a gluten free meal over there John.

John Esposito (01:33):
Oh God please, no. She can struggle a little bit on that.

Mike Ercolano (01:38):
You’re going to let her shoot herself?

John Esposito (01:40): Thanksgiving is a fault for gluten.

Mike Ercolano (01:43):
My cousin, actually my cousin David, his sister, she’s gluten free. So she has to do all that stuff during

Thanksgiving. I feel bad.

John Esposito (01:53):
No, it’s a lot of changes. It’s a lot more than you expect it to be too.

Kelly Krauss (01:58): Yeah, a lot.

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She just, I don’t know, became gluten free or something a few years ago. But she lost a lot of weight, she looks really good, and –

Kelly Krauss (02:05):
Is that why she did it, or did she have Celiac, or intolerance?

Mike Ercolano (02:09):
I think she did it because of the health reasons more than anything.

John Esposito (02:11):
That’s the same reason Jess did too.

Mike Ercolano (02:13):
But it did benefit her in terms of her weight loss I think.

Kelly Krauss (02:16): That’s great.

Mike Ercolano (02:19):
So yeah, she has to do the whole gluten free thing.

Kelly Krauss (02:23):
But it’s becoming more widely accepted. If you go to a restaurant you’ll see gluten free this meal, that

meal, low calorie. Which is nice, it’s nice to have those options.

John Esposito (02:32):

And the options are becoming cheaper too, which is really good to see. It’s a lot more readily available, rather than spending four or five dollars extra on a oaf of bread, you can spend maybe like a dollar or two extra.

Kelly Krauss (02:41):
Although with prices going up and everything John, I don’t know.

John Esposito (02:44):
It might be back to that.

Kelly Krauss (02:44):
We may be, yeah. I spent… I can’t believe this, and thank God I didn’t see it until I let, ten dollars on

bacon. Ten dollars on a package of bacon.

Mike Ercolano (02:52): Oh God.

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Oh my God.

Mike Ercolano (02:53): Yeah, things are going crazy.

John Esposito (02:54):
Time to grow your own pigs, time to raise your own pigs.

Mike Ercolano (02:57):
Prices are going through the roof.

Kelly Krauss (02:58): It’s disgusting.

John Esposito (03:00):
I don’t know, I don’t see an end in sight either, so supposedly it’s going to get worse before it gets


Mike Ercolano (03:04): Stock up on gas.

Kelly Krauss (03:06):
It’s amazing, I used to get like 30 bucks every week, that gets me half a week.

John Esposito (03:11): Nope, $45.

Mike Ercolano (03:12): Crushing gas.

Kelly Krauss (03:13):
And my circle is pretty small. You are all over the place Mike, so I can’t imagine how much you’re paying

for gas.

Mike Ercolano (03:20):
Vicky is now too. She’s on the road all the time too.

Kelly Krauss (03:22): Is that not included?

Mike Ercolano (03:24):
She gets reimburse for a certain amount of miles, but she’s still paying for gas.

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Kelly Krauss (03:29):

Sure, yikes.

John Esposito (03:32):
Time to start biking everywhere.

Kelly Krauss (03:35): Let’s bring it back.

Mike Ercolano (03:36):
You want to bike across of Goethals Bridge at 5:30 in the morning? .

Kelly Krauss (03:41):
The amount of stuff you get hit with going across. You’d better not go on a bike.

Mike Ercolano (03:46):
I need another freaking replaced windshield again. I’ve had this truck for like a year and a half, and I-

Kelly Krauss (03:50): It’s your second one.

Mike Ercolano (03:51):
Yeah, well it’ll be my third windshield, my second cracked one.

Kelly Krauss (03:54): That’s horrible Mike.

Mike Ercolano (03:56):

I’ve had so many screws and stuff in these tire, I’m lucky none of them have hopped, or whatever. need to replace them, they could patch them all. But that’s just life on the road. My truck takes a beating going in and out of Staten Island. The roads, they’re in horrible shape. I don’t know where our tax money goes towards repairing roads, because the roads I drive on are all horrible. Especially once you cross over to New York, it’s pretty bad too, the conditions. So I’m constantly getting shit hit against me, kicked up, and there’s dents, and scratches. But that’s why I bought this thing, to beat the crap out of it. But when I bought it gas was 2.30 a gallon, 2.50 a gallon. Now it’s over a dollar more than that, so I’m rethinking my choice of a pickup truck. I’m looking to do exactly what they want us to do, and go to electric, because that’s exactly what they want.

Mike Ercolano (05:02):

That’s where all the money’s going to be shifted towards, which is at least pretty clear to me, which is why all of this is being pushed to do that. Because it’s going to be making it more and more expensive to own a gas powered vehicle, and especially a, “Gas guzzler,” like my pickup truck. So it’s going to just become to the point where you can’t afford it. You’re going to probably be taxed through the roof on them until they eventually eliminate them. And then again, that’s going to be another shift of wealth

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and power from the oil companies to these electric companies, or whatever, which is going to be the next boom. So that’s just my overview of the economic situation, and at least why gas is on the rise. But I don’t know, hopefully we’re not going to be in a position of buying just bread, like bread lines and shit. Hopefully we don’t get to that-

Kelly Krauss (06:02):
We had gas lines a couple years ago.

Mike Ercolano (06:03): That’s true, that’s true.

Kelly Krauss (06:04): That was bad.

Mike Ercolano (06:05):
But when it comes to food, hopefully it doesn’t get to the point where it’s so expensive, and some areas

are already hit harder by what’s going on. So it’s just making it more difficult to stay healthy.

Kelly Krauss (06:22): Oh absolutely.

Mike Ercolano (06:23):

It is. When your choices are limited, and the healthier stuff is significantly more expensive, and you’re still collecting unemployment, you go for the unhealthy stuff that’s cheap. Actually this is a good segue into you’re doing a food pantry thing, right, this weekend?

John Esposito (06:43): Yeah, on Saturday.

Mike Ercolano (06:44):
But you guys give healthier-ish stuff, right?

John Esposito (06:46): We do.

Mike Ercolano (06:47): As best as you can.

John Esposito (06:48):

We try to load up with two or three different kinds of vegetable, some kind of fruit, whole grain breads when we can, but bread’s normally the hardest thing to get out to people, some kind of dairy. We try to avoid any kind of boxed foods. Any kind of whole foods we actually can give out, we try to give out as much as we can. I think if anything, I think the worst thing to do is oatmeal, oatmeal in a box. Sometimes

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chips for the kids, sometimes juices, but it’s all healthy stuff you have to make, so actually a meal, not

just pre-assembled for you.

Mike Ercolano (07:19): It’s awesome.

Kelly Krauss (07:20):
That’s nice, it’s good to see.

John Esposito (07:22):
I like that they strive to do that. That was more of Cain’s goal than anything else, was to make sure they

get full healthy meals out there.

Mike Ercolano (07:29):
And Cain Pope, who we’ve had on the show before.

John Esposito (07:32): Yeah, Cain Pope.

Mike Ercolano (07:33):
And that’s who you’re doing it with, the Kiwanis Club?

John Esposito (07:36): Yeah, doing it with Kiwanis.

Mike Ercolano (07:37):
What is… actually it doesn’t matter because the show will come out on Monday, so it will be after the

fact. But when is it, what are all the details on it?

John Esposito (07:47):

It is this Saturday. We start at 8 o’clock, but we’ll be in there about 7:00 o’clock getting everything all set up. It goes 8 o’clock to 12 o’clock. People can just roll no in if they’ve already pre-signed up. We do have some availabilities for people to just show up, but most times it’s sign up about a month ahead of time. You sign up online, and you have the whole time to sign up. So any time from that month ahead of time up until about half a week before hand, you can sign up for it, “I need a box,” we get enough material going. We collect donations throughout that time period too, so some people donate food, some people donate money. That all goes back to whatever’s going to come in on Saturday. And then if we have anything left over, all the other Kiwanis Clubs in the area are doing food drives on the same day. So we can just take any leftover food we have here, it does not get wasted, sent over to those guys too.

Mike Ercolano (08:36):
That’s great. Are there going to be anymore throughout the-

John Esposito (08:39):

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 7 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Oh yeah.

Mike Ercolano (08:40):
All right, cool. So what we’ll do, even through this is coming out after this weekend’s event, in the show

notes we’ll put in Cain’s information. Would that be the best way to get information on-

Kelly Krauss (08:53): Kiwanis.

John Esposito (08:53):
The website actually would probably be best.

Mike Ercolano (08:54): Oh Kiwanis, okay.

John Esposito (08:57):
So it’s Kiwanishelps.org, and Kiwanis is spelt K-I-W-A-N-I-S, helps.org.

Mike Ercolano (08:57):
Okay. Can you spell it in Spanish? We have a lot of Spanish listeners.

Kelly Krauss (09:10):
It’s at St. Theresa, is that right?

John Esposito (09:12):
Actually this time it’s going to be at the Recreation center at Horseshoe lake.

Kelly Krauss (09:17): Oh, perfect.

John Esposito (09:18):
But most times it happens at St. Theresa Church. We’ll do it right in their parking lot since that parking

lot is huge.

Kelly Krauss (09:23): It’s huge.

Mike Ercolano (09:23):

So I’ll put that website in the show notes so that for any other events going on throughout the rest of the year… at least for the rest of the year, but the rest of the season. Because being Thanksgiving and holiday seasons, I’m sure you guys are doing a lot.

John Esposito (09:38):

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Absolutely, doing coat drives. We’re going to do two coat drives in the middle of December, we’re going to do a food drive and a coat drive combined as one. So we’re trying to get as many things out there as we can.

Kelly Krauss (09:48):
So you’ll continue to do the food drives throughout the winter, cold and stuff?

John Esposito (09:51): Oh absolutely.

Kelly Krauss (09:52): Okay, good to know.

John Esposito (09:54):

I’ll be sitting out there in my thermals at 7 o’clock in the morning getting everything all ready for everybody. They’ve been big events, and they’ve stayed big events, which is a good sign. Well not good that so many people are needing to food, but it’s a good sign that we can keep the food going to the people who do need –

Mike Ercolano (10:09):
It’s a good sign that you can provide it for so many people in need. Unfortunately there are that many

people that are in need, but thankfully there’s good people like you can help out.

John Esposito (10:16): Absolutely.

Mike Ercolano (10:17):

So that’s pretty cool. So again, if you’re in a local area, or even if you’re not, I’m sure there’s ways to donate and give back. But I’ll put that in the show notes, go to the website, make sure you pitch in a little bit if you’re looking for something to give back this season, because there’s a ton of stuff you could do, from the Santa guy outside where you put the money in, to coat drives, to food banks. So if you’re looking for something to do and you’re not really sure where to turn, go to the Kiwanis Club, because they’re always doing good stuff.

John Esposito (10:49):
Absolutely, easy to get in contact with.

Mike Ercolano (10:52):
Cool, and you can talk to John, and he’ll put you in contact.

John Esposito (10:56):
Yeah, I’ll spread some information, let me know.

Kelly Krauss (10:58):

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Mike Ercolano (10:58):
Can you put your phone number?

John Esposito (10:59): No.

Mike Ercolano (11:00):
No, you don’t want to put your phone number out there?

John Esposito (11:01): I can, I can.

Mike Ercolano (11:02):
No I’m kidding, you don’t need to put your phone number. Well speaking of food drives, I don’t know,

Kelly talk about something with food.

Kelly Krauss (11:11):
You want me to talk about something-

Mike Ercolano (11:14):
I don’t know. I have no idea. No, but you do have a member that you wanted to spotlight, right?

to on social media the other day, and you want to talk about him.

Kelly Krauss (11:24):
Yes. So he’s been a member of ours… I want to say maybe three years now.

John Esposito (11:28):
Has he been longer than I am?

Kelly Krauss (11:29):
Yeah because COVID’s in the middle. So you’ve got to think about how long was he here before then,

and then add the year for COVID, and then now.

John Esposito (11:36):
I had no clue he was coming before I was here.

Kelly Krauss (11:38): Was he?

John Esposito (11:41):
Was he? I’ve only been here two and a half years.

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Kelly Krauss (11:43):

Was he here when you came?

John Esposito (11:44):
I don’t think so. I think we’re at two years.

Kelly Krauss (11:47):
All right, we’ll stick with two years. Is that good?

Mike Ercolano (11:48): Good enough.

Kelly Krauss (11:49): Make you feel better?

John Esposito (11:50):
, you make me feel like I’ve been here for a lot longer.

Mike Ercolano (11:52): Well it feels like you have.

Kelly Krauss (11:53):

Anyway, so he walks in the door, he’s got a high level corporate position. So he came in, and he’s like, listen, he did a trial and then he disappeared, and he told me he was going to disappear. But he was like, “I travel a lot,” what have you. So he comes back a month later, and he’s ready to sign up, and he is religious, he comes Monday, and he comes Friday, that’s it. That’s all he does. Because I think he travels throughout the week.

John Esposito (12:17):
Yeah, travels throughout the week, he’s a big runner.

Kelly Krauss (12:17):
And then on the weekends he runs with his wife.

John Esposito (12:19):
He runs on two or three weekdays too.

Kelly Krauss (12:20):

Okay, so anyway, so he comes in, and when you look at him you’re like, “Oh, this guy’s in pretty good shape.” And things like that. And he was telling me that his company sends him to the Princeton Longevity Center, where it’s a full day workup. Blood work, you name it, cardio, echo, all that kind of stuff. So he went there and got his results, and he was concerned with his visceral fat results. So that’s the fat around your organs. So that was the one number that kind of made him uncomfortable, which is

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 11 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

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what sent him here. So now here we are two years later, and I’m going to read you his results. So in 2019 his body was 25.7, and now he is 22.7. So he went down in body fat, and he lost seven pounds of fat, but kept his muscle mass consistent, which is good. Visceral fat dropped from 30%, so from 223 square centimeters, to 153.

John Esposito (13:26): That’s a big difference.

Kelly Krauss (13:27):

That is humongous. And again, see him walking in the door you’d be like, “Oh, this guy’s pretty fit.” But dropping from 223 to 153, that’s pretty impressive. And aerobic capacity improves from 88% to 99% percentile.

Mike Ercolano (13:47):
And that’s just by adding two days a week of strength training?

Kelly Krauss (13:50):
Yes. Now he did clean up his nutrition a little obviously, but he was just so cute, how excited he was.

John Esposito (13:59):
I remember he came in with a huge smile on his face to tell us about those numbers. I remember that


Kelly Krauss (14:06):

And good for the company for sending him for such a workup. We kind of get something similar with the Association. It’s not as in depth, but it’s definitely very thorough. More thorough than you would get from any doctor. But to have those kinds of results… again, two days a week, being consistent-

Mike Ercolano (14:25):

Well it’s about consistency. It’s a two year period essentially, but it’s about being consistent throughout that. Maybe he lost a little bit of time when he traveled, and he missed that or whatever, but you don’t get positive results like… I reposted something on my story on Instagram the other day, it was from Mike Dolche, and how most people are willing to do whatever it takes to get their results, but they’re not willing to take as long as it takes or wait as long as it takes to get the results. So we see it all the time, people hit it hard for 30 days, and then they don’t lose 20 pounds in 30 days, and they get mentally burnt out and physically burnt out, and then they give up. So we see it constantly.

Mike Ercolano (15:11):

We try to obviously change that, and we’re trying to change that, and people are coming in and changing that mindset because it is a mindset. But how many cases now, now that we’ve been open for coming on seven years like this, where they’ve been with us for two years, they’ve been with us for three years, and you can see real long term sustainable change? So this is why we’re in business, is to help people, and to help people change their life, not just lose 20 pounds and look good for a wedding.

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It’s to change their life, and it’s great to see people who buy into that and actually recognize that it takes

time, and it takes patience, and consistency, and hard work, but the results will come if you put that in.

Kelly Krauss (15:57):
Absolutely. It just takes time, you’ve got to stick with it, and you have to accept that. Stop getting on the

scale every day, stop doing all that stuff, and just live the life.

Mike Ercolano (16:08):

Right, and stop using motivation as a key way to push you for workouts. Because there’s going to be many many many days where you’re not motivated, just like anything else. Just like you’re not motivated to go to work but still get up and go to work because you’ve got to pay the bills. I think all three of us in this room could say how if we took off days every time we felt like we didn’t want to work out, if we took those days off, we probably would not be even in this profession right now. Because we understand the value of working through those days, and we do it all the time. Most days… and I’m not talking about days where you need an actually physical rest because you’re physically been going hard. I’m talking about the days where you’re tired, where you didn’t really get enough sleep, or maybe you were fighting with your girlfriend, or something stressful at work, or you had a rough morning coaching on the floor, and then you’re just done, you’re like, “I just don’t want to work out.”

Mike Ercolano (17:06):

But you have to. Motivation is not there, but you’ve got to have that willpower to push through that, and to workout, and to make it a priority. And he only had Mondays and Fridays. I’m sure there was many times throughout those two years where on a Monday and a Friday he didn’t feel like coming in, he felt like shit and didn’t want to work out. But he made it a priority to make it consistent in his schedule, and he gets the results, and it’s a testament to his personality, and who he is. But unfortunately, and not taking away from him, unfortunately it’s a testament to his personality and who he is because that’s not the norm anymore, and we want that. For our members it’s the norm, it’s consistent , but our goal is to make that more of a norm for society, for everybody.

Kelly Krauss (17:56): Everybody wants that quick fix.

John Esposito (17:57):

And I have to give him some extra kudos too. He’s one of those people you’ll see, if he misses a day and he knows he’s going to miss that day, he’s genuinely kind of annoyed or kind of pissed by that. He’ll make sure he’s in the next most immediate day he can. He misses a Monday, he’ll be there on Tuesday, he’ll be in there Wednesday, he’ll be in there Thursday, just to make sure he gets that second day in there. No matter what the issue was. So just a little extra kudos to him on that.

Mike Ercolano (18:22):

Well good, well shout out to him, and that visceral fat is huge. Unfortunately the In Body we have doesn’t scan that. The next one up, the 570, we have the 270, does look at visceral fat. So it’s really great that he had the opportunity to look at that, because that is a huge indicator for health, and we were actually just talking about it before we came on the air, you were saying that there’s a lot of talkers. Was it you? Or I forgot who was talking about it.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 13 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Kelly Krauss (18:47):

The fifth vital sign.

Mike Ercolano (18:48):
Yeah, the fifth vital sign, was that you Kel?

Kelly Krauss (18:48): Yeah.

Mike Ercolano (18:49): Okay, sorry.

John Esposito (18:50):
That’s okay. I’ll take the credit.

Mike Ercolano (18:53):

I was trying to get John more involved in… I don’t know. For some reason I thought it was John talking about it, but I was also cramming for the show, my preparation for the show. So I really wasn’t listening to the conversation too in depth. So yes, but-

Kelly Krauss (19:05):
But yes, we were talking about-

Mike Ercolano (19:07): the fifth vital sign.

Kelly Krauss (19:08):
Yes, is body composition.

Mike Ercolano (19:10):
Absolutely, that’s huge, that’s huge.

Kelly Krauss (19:13):
That’s huge. And don’t talk to me about BMI, that not what I’m talking about. Your waist

circumference… , this is one of my favorite –

John Esposito (19:21): Was it waist, thigh-

Mike Ercolano (19:23):
And BMI is fine for the 80% or whatever obese population, because it is a way of at least giving some

sort of level for them all… “For them all,” I don’t mean to be like that. I’m like, cut that fucking out. But it

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 14 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

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gives them a baseline for an obesity scale. So at least you can see improvements in someone who’s 500

pounds, and whatever. Maybe weight loss is a small percentage, but if you count that in BMI-

Kelly Krauss (19:57):
Right, you’re seeing movement.

Mike Ercolano (19:59):
But for general fit population, it’s not a good indicator, BMI. So something like visceral body fat could be

a huge game changer because someone who just… did we say his name on air?

Kelly Krauss (20:15): Uh-uh (negative).

Mike Ercolano (20:15): Okay, so we’re not-

Kelly Krauss (20:16): I think it’s okay.

Mike Ercolano (20:16):

Yeah, but our member who got these great results, like you said, he walks in here, he looks fit, BMI wise he’s probably not overweight. Because he is lean, he’s a thinner leaner person, he looks somewhat fit. Maybe he’s on the border of overweight or whatever, but if he’s just judged just off of BMI, his doctor’s probably like, “Yeah, you’ve got to lose a few pounds, maybe lay off the donuts no Saturday, and you’re fine.”

Kelly Krauss (20:44): Totally missing that.

Mike Ercolano (20:46):

So BMI is a very inaccurate indicator on both ends of the spectrum. So I think it’s a great idea to be able to… unfortunately how many doctor’s offices can actually test visceral fat and stuff? They just won’t do it, they won’t do it. BMI is so much easier. You put them on a little scale thing, you can say boom.

Kelly Krauss (21:05):
Slide the thing, “You’re this tall, you weigh this much. ” like you did the other day actually.

Mike Ercolano (21:10):
Exactly. So where were you reading that, or hearing that?

Kelly Krauss (21:13):
So one of my favorite, we talked about her on our-

Mike Ercolano (21:16):

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Was it a Reader’s Digest?

Kelly Krauss (21:17): No.

John Esposito (21:18):
Was it Dr. ?

Kelly Krauss (21:18):
No Reader’s Digest this week.

Mike Ercolano (21:20):
You weren’t reading it while you were on the can?

Kelly Krauss (21:23):

No, no. But Dr. Gabrielle Lyon. She was one of my Instagram people, and her post was, “Body composition is the fifth vital sign.” And she breaks it down, blood pressure, breathing, blood oxygen, temperature, those are the main things, then they’ll throw in the BMI when you go to the doctor’s office. But body composition is such a telltale sign of what’s going on with you. And it’s not ever addressed.

Mike Ercolano (21:52):
No. And actually I say it’s not really feasible, but I have in my truck the In Body travel-

Kelly Krauss (22:00): The little guy?

Mike Ercolano (22:01):

The little guy. It was 350 bucks, that’s a pretty inexpensive investment for either doctors, or nurses. You could probably have a few of those in the emergency room or wherever you’re running these vitals, or these at home nurses like Vicky is now that test vitals. 350 bucks is probably cheaper than half the equipment they have, and you could at least get some kind of ballpark of… it’s not going to be super accurate of visceral fat, the travel In Body machine, but at least it has body fat percentage and you could have some sort of ballpark. And what I like about it, it saves it all on your phone. So each client can have their own tracking of that. So there’s no reason why that shouldn’t be a part of our health monitor, or our health testing for vital signs, it really shouldn’t be. I don’t think so anyway. So cool, it’s-

Kelly Krauss (22:59):
So anyway, it was very very interesting, and then just thinking more about our client. I just love that post

because really just once I saw it, it was like, “Huh, that’s really interesting.”

Mike Ercolano (23:08):
Well just going along with the consistency of exercise and what it does for you health-wise, we’ve talked

about plenty of times in the past couple weeks about how being inactive and obese or whatever gives

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 16 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here.

you a higher risk of anything, specifically COVID, but also any disease. How many times have we said, it doesn’t matter what vaccine you get or what it is, if you’re obese, you’re going to get sick from something, whether it’s COVID, or flu, or something. And there’s a new study that came out and was released on Science News… I think it was Science News, or sciencedaily.com. Again, I’ll link this in there, but the report shows that there’s more than 46,000 cancer cases annually in the United States that could be prevented if Americans met the five hours per week of moderate intensity physical activity. So the recommended guide of five hours a week, that’s it.

Kelly Krauss (24:13): That’s nothing.

Mike Ercolano (24:14):
Even if you just do it Monday through Friday, take the weekends off. Monday through Friday, one hour a

week. If you do a 30 minute walk at lunch and a 30 minute walk at dinner Monday through Friday-

Kelly Krauss (24:24): It’s still good enough.

Mike Ercolano (24:25):
That meets your recommended amount, and this report finds that more than 46,000 cancer cases in the

United States could be prevented every year. Think about that.

Kelly Krauss (24:38): Say that again, 46-

Mike Ercolano (24:39):
More than 46,000 cancer cases each year in the United States could be prevented if Americans met the

five hours per week of moderate… These type of reports-

John Esposito (24:54): That’s a huge amount.

Mike Ercolano (24:55): These type of reports-

Kelly Krauss (24:58): Five hours a week.

Mike Ercolano (24:58):

I got this by Googling fitness news. This stuff is out there and you can find it, but it’s just not reported on in the mainstream or whatever, but it’s not pushed. Which is whatever, but that just goes to… again, what we said a gazillion times, and we’ll continue to say it until probably the day I die, is that you have to be an advocate for your own health and you have to look into and be knowledgeable about fitness and about health, because nothing’s going to be spoonfed to you. And this took a quick Google search,

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 17 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here.

and actually the article before this, which I’ll save for next week, the study before it shows a link between different genes and responding to different types of exercise, which is a pretty cool thing. Because we always talk about how everybody is different, everyone. So a squat might be a squat to all three of us, but we’re all getting something a little different out of it, now maybe because of our genes. So I’ll talk a little bit more about that next week.

Kelly Krauss (26:07):
That’s interesting, I can’t wait.

John Esposito (26:08):
I know, that’s going to be a good one.

Kelly Krauss (26:09):
I’m excited for next week.

Mike Ercolano (26:10):

But just going back to this real quick, this data shows that more specifically… so here are the percentages. So 16.9% of stomach cancers, 11.9% of endometrial cancers, 11% of kidney cancers, 9.3% of colon cancers, 8.1% of oesophageal cancers, 6.5% of female breast cancers, and 3.9% of urinary bladder cancers were associated with a lack of exercise. So yes, those numbers seem low in themselves, like you have 11% less change of kidney cancer, but it’s 11% lesser chance of getting kidney cancer just by exercising five hours a week.

Kelly Krauss (26:57):
Right, just by five hours a week.

Mike Ercolano (26:59):

And that’s not putting in changing your diet, being healthy, being hydrated, getting enough sleep. All the things that we always discuss. So just exercise alone, which we all know and most people should know by now that exercise isn’t the key factor in losing weight and in setting body composition results. Your diet is, your hormone balance is, the way you sleep, how much you drink. It all plays a role, it’s not just about exercise. We hear people come in, “I want to lose 20 pounds, I’m going to come in six days a week.” It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t work that way. The more you exercise doesn’t necessarily mean the faster results you will get. But in terms of health markers and health-wise, exercising consistently is a very important part of it. It’s a part of the entire equation. So I think the more and more these studies come out, the more and more you’ll have to be an advocate for your own health, because that’s not where they want us to go. They don’t want us to become healthier, they want us to stay reliant on everything that we’re reliant on right now.

Mike Ercolano (28:18):

So again, I’ll link it on the show notes from sciencedaily.com. I literally Googled fitness news, and it was the first one that came up. And so there’s plenty of information and data out there, and I guess that could be a bad thing too because there’s a… again, we talked about it last time, that blurry line. There’s so much information, what do you trust? But you’ve just got to be your own advocate, and if I’m reading that I need to do five hours a week of exercise, that’s something I trust. It’s

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 18 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

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not telling me I’ve got to run a marathon every day of the week for six weeks straight, or something like that. Doing something simple, if it makes sense intuitively to you, if it’s not something that’s going to restrict you, and change your life, and make you miserable, then it probably is something that makes sense.

Kelly Krauss (29:17):
not asking a lot.

Mike Ercolano (29:18):

Just think logically. Just think. I was listening to some of our members talking in the lobby behind us, because we’re in the office here, and one of them was talking about how they needed to go on a detox again, and it’s typical same group that we’re probably all knowing which ones we’re talking about right now, and how she needs to do a quick detox to lose some weight again because she put some weight on during quarantine, and all this stuff. And I’m just thinking, it’s the same old song and dance. They were discussing someone, whether it was on YouTube, or Instagram, or some influencer who’s running some diet and some challenge, and I’m just like, “Aren’t you tired of doing that?” It’s like a vicious cycle. It’s the definition of insanity-

John Esposito (30:15):
It becomes almost seasonal.

Mike Ercolano (30:16):

It’s doing the same thing… it’s seasonal, exactly. And if you just take the approach of being simple with your diet, being simple with your exercise, and being consistent with it, over time you’ll get the results, and you won’t have to go through that crazy stress. Not only mentally, physically, you’ve got to change everything at home-

Kelly Krauss (30:39): Stress for your body.

Mike Ercolano (30:39):
You’re stressing your kids out, you’re stressing your spouse out, your body’s going through stress

because you’re going through this extreme change. Instead you just eat some vegetable and some meat-

Kelly Krauss (30:51):
It’s very quite easy. We say this all the time.

Mike Ercolano (30:51):

A couple of times a day, and exercise for an hour. Come in, we’d love to have you hear every day, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be here every day. Come here twice a week and go for a walk twice a week.

Kelly Krauss (31:01):

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 19 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

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But how many times can you say it is a lifestyle change? It’s nothing other than that. Make those

changes, and-

Mike Ercolano (31:09):

I think that’s hard to understand though. It’s hard to swallow. I don’t know, for us it’s not. Obviously it is for other…. but we do have a lot of members who lived that, and bought into that, and they’re not crazy fanatic paleo, don’t sue me Crossfit people. They bought into a lifestyle of just being healthy, and they get the results, but it’s very tough to understand it until you live it too. Because we all live it. For me, I don’t think about… I do, only because I’m a planner. But I don’t overthink my diet anymore. I know what I’m eating, I know essentially where I’m at. I know at the end of the day if I’m short on something just intuitively because I’ve been so aware of it over the years. I don’t stress if I go out and have a couple of beers after a softball game and have a burger or whatever because it’s going to throw ff my diet or it’s going to ruin my detox. It’s just part of my lifestyle.

Mike Ercolano (32:16):

To me it’s hard to even think about it any other way, but I guess for people who haven’t lived that way, it is difficult to get to that. I don’t know, maybe some of our listeners could help us out in what they’ve done to break that cycle. Because we do have a lot of people listening to the show who are living an unhealthy lifestyle. So maybe they could help out a fellow listener and send us some tips to break out of that mindset, because we’ve been in that mindset for so long. John you’ve, “Recently…” like five years ago is when you went through your transformation. So did you have a turning point, was there something that just clicked, or did it take work to-

John Esposito (33:07): It came gradual.

Mike Ercolano (33:09): It came gradual.

John Esposito (33:09):

It started off just getting into the gym. My eating didn’t change until a year and a half, two years after I started working out consistently. Four times a week would be my consistent pace, that’s something I could upkeep. Once I got into that then I started to be like, “Okay, I need to throw a couple more vegetables in here and take out a little bit of my three pieces of toast in the morning,” switched over to that. Made one change at a time, let it happen, let it roll a little bit. Then I’d be like, “Okay, I’m getting comfortable with this, I’m being consistent.” another change. It was just stepwise change is the other thing I did. I didn’t try changing a lot of things at a time, I didn’t try recreating my diet, re-eating everything, hopping into the gym six times a week. No, it was just small partial changes.

Kelly Krauss (33:51):

No, and I think once you start… you were in the gym, you started to feel better. Your body started to change, started to feel better, and then you were like, “Well I’m feeling so good,” and I think it automatically leads you onto that path like, “Okay, I know this processed food is not good for me. Where can I make the…” and that’s when I get excited, is when I see people start to chase that-

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 20 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Mike Ercolano (34:13):

Want to make that change.

Kelly Krauss (34:15):
They want to make that change, they’re chasing that feel good feeling, and when they start getting rid of

processed foods, you just start feeling better.

Mike Ercolano (34:22):

I know this sounds stupid, but one little thing that I’ve done is just changing my language, which changes your mindset. But instead of saying, “I can’t have that,” I say, “I don’t want it. I just don’t want it.” So processed food… Vicky is a typical… she burns everything like that. She could eat whatever she wants and not gain a pound. So her diet and my diet are a little bit different, like she’ll eat more breads and stuff that I don’t eat. But she’ll always ask me, “Can I make this for you?” Or whatever, and I say, “No, I don’t want that,” instead of saying,” I can’t have it.” Because I’m taking ownership over, “I don’t want that.” I want something healthier for me. “You could have that. By all means, I don’t care, but I don’t want that.” And that just has changed a whole mindset for me by saying that. Just that simple change of wording makes a difference.

John Esposito (35:14): Makes it more personal.

Kelly Krauss (35:16): And positive.

John Esposito (35:17): It does.

Mike Ercolano (35:17): And positive.

Kelly Krauss (35:18):
And you feel good about making that choice.

Mike Ercolano (35:19):
Because you’re making that choice.

Kelly Krauss (35:20): It’s interesting.

Mike Ercolano (35:22):

But when you do get into that groove, that consistency, yes we talk about not feeling guilty when you have those, “Cheat meals,” because really it doesn’t change anything. You’re not going to wake up the next day and gain four pounds because you had a cheat meal. But you also get to the point where you

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 21 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

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really don’t necessarily look for those either, and when you have them you feel… not mentally , but your body feels it.

John Esposito (35:49):
Your body tells you, “.”

Kelly Krauss (35:50):
Your body’s like, “What the hell is that?”

Mike Ercolano (35:53):
So we get those home meal things where they send the boxes-

Kelly Krauss (35:56): Hello Fresh.

Mike Ercolano (35:56):

Yeah, all those different ones. And sometimes if you don’t pick it in time they send you just whatever they have. So last night I had a… excuse me, a chicken parm pasta thing. I was super heavy and I was like, “I’m not going to not eat it, and we bought it, and Vicky made it.” So again, not that I care about my physique, I’m not worried about it changing how I look because I know one meal isn’t going to change anything in my results. But I feel it today, I’m dragging, I feel like crap.

Kelly Krauss (36:28): Isn’t it amazing?

Mike Ercolano (36:29):
I feel bloated and soft. I know I didn’t gain body fat from one meal, but I feel soft, I feel like I did. And it’s


Kelly Krauss (36:38):
What it does to your system. It slows you down.

Mike Ercolano (36:38):
Yeah, that when you’re in that groove of eating well and not eating processed foods, you don’t want

that. Like, “I hate feeling like this, I can’t wait to work out because I just want to get through this.”

Kelly Krauss (36:51):
Get rid of the feeling. It’s so interesting and so true. I wish I could bottle up that feeling and sell it to

people, like, “This is what you’re going to feel like.”

John Esposito (36:57):
“This is what that goodness feels like.” Yeah, absolutely.

Kelly Krauss (36:59):

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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And take note of that. Take note of how your body feels after maybe you eat some things that you know you shouldn’t be, or that are higher carbs, or a full sub sandwich, maybe half a sandwich. But take notice of how you feel the rest of the day.

Mike Ercolano (37:12): Be mindful.

Kelly Krauss (37:12): And the next day.

John Esposito (37:13):

The perfect thing for that, I was stretching somebody on Tuesday. Hadn’t been in for a couple of days, went away for a long weekend, did a little bit of extra heavy eating, did a little bit of extra heavy drinking, two things both caused him a little inflammation. He as a shoulder problem he knows about, he has a couple problems he knows about. We got him in for a stretch, he’s like, “I don’t know what it was, I didn’t work out all weekend, but I just feeling jacked up, I’m feeling stiff.” And you can feel the stiffness as I was trying to work through his shoulder, trying to get that loosened up. And it was just because he had those extra things that he normally wouldn’t eat, he ate those extra calories, he had that little bit of extra alcohol, and it lingered. And it was three days after he stopped, but still it lingers. It sits in your body, your body stays inflamed, it gets inflamed.

Mike Ercolano (38:03):

Well I sent out an email to our email list… which by the way, I created a little scan code thingy, it’s in Canva. So you can use your phone and scan the code thing and then I’ll bring you to a thing to sign up for our email list. But what I sent out today, because we’re coming up on Halloween this weekend, and we’ve aways in the past talked about moderation. And it’s all right, it’s Halloween, there’s candy around, your kids are around, it’s a fun time, have a little bite size, make sure you moderate it, have one or two pieces a day or whatever. But when we were talking the other day, it got me thinking about how I think we should take a different approach this year, and if you’re not able to have that one piece a day, then you shouldn’t be having it at all.

Mike Ercolano (38:52):

And that’s something we don’t talk about, and we’ve never really talked about before, but how many people either lie to themselves, lie to us, or just flat out can’t have the mental discipline to stop at one? So they have one, and they have five more, and eat the whole bag of M&M’S, or one bite sized Snickers turns into four bite sized Snickers. It’s like, “Okay, it’s only bite sized,” but that’s now one full sized Snickers bar. So if you’re that person who can’t just say, “Okay, one’s enough to satisfy…” because frankly most of us eat, or most of us binge eat, or most people who binge eat aren’t satisfied by the food they’re eating, they’re satisfied by the thought of taking the next bite. That’s what drives them, to put it that way.

Mike Ercolano (39:44):

They’re not slowing it down and enjoying what they’re actually eating, it’s more of that excitement or whatever, that feeling of that next bite, that next thing. So that’s one reason why a lot of people overeat. So if you are that person, and if while you’re finishing that bite sized, or while you’re chewing or

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 23 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

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inhaling that bite sized candy bar, you’re thinking about the next one, then challenge yourself not to have any at all. And it’s hard. It’s not going to be easy, especially if you’re somebody who is looking to try to lose weight but you’re in the early stages.

Kelly Krauss (40:23): Danger, danger.

Mike Ercolano (40:23):
And it’s going to be around, and your kids are bringing it in the house.

Kelly Krauss (40:27):
You could bring it here, we’re donating candy.

Mike Ercolano (40:31):
Exactly, we are donating candy.

Kelly Krauss (40:32):

But also on that, we need to think about and talk about how addictive sugar is. So you get that… it’s like a McDonald’s french fry. You get that in, and all that grease, and all that shit in there makes you crave more and more and more and more. So same thing with sugar. I was reading Dr. Mark Hyman, he’s another friend of mine. But whosever binged on wild salmon? You haven’t, right? But you binge on candy. Why? Because that sugar addiction is getting you and pulling you in.

John Esposito (41:01):
I could claim sushi maybe. Oh yeah, I can binge on some sushi.

Kelly Krauss (41:06): .

Mike Ercolano (41:07):
Well it actual does release the same chemical response as drugs, as cocaine.

Kelly Krauss (41:13):
Wasn’t there cocaine in coke at one time?

John Esposito (41:18): There was.

Mike Ercolano (41:19): I think so. I think so.

John Esposito (41:20): Way back when.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

Page 24 of 41

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Kelly Krauss (41:22):

That’s amazing.

John Esposito (41:23): Look, heroin used to be-

Mike Ercolano (41:24): That’s amazing.

Kelly Krauss (41:24): Could you imagine?

Mike Ercolano (41:26):
, if you’re listening, please bring that back.

John Esposito (41:28):
Heroin, coke, and mariajuana used to be mixed together way back when as medicine.

Mike Ercolano (41:33): Like Friday night.

Kelly Krauss (41:33): Medicine?

Mike Ercolano (41:33):
No, just kidding, just kidding. I don’t do coke or heroin.

Kelly Krauss (41:40):
But anyway, yes, sugar is as addictive as that. I believe it.

Mike Ercolano (41:43):
We could do a whole show on that. Because I know we’re running out of time, John’s got to get out of

here in five, seven minutes or so.

John Esposito (41:49): Maybe ten more?

Mike Ercolano (41:51): Maybe ten more minutes?

John Esposito (41:52): Yeah.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Mike Ercolano (41:52):

Is that enough time for your game, or do you want to save the game for another time?

Kelly Krauss (41:54):
Oh, the game is going to be an ongoing game.

John Esposito (41:57):
Oh, it’s going to be ongoing?

Mike Ercolano (41:57): Oh cool, even better.

Kelly Krauss (41:57):
Yeah, it’s just a little fun way, I think, to end the show.

Mike Ercolano (42:00):
Okay, so we’re going to end the show. What is the game called?

Kelly Krauss (42:02):
The game is called I should have known that.

Mike Ercolano (42:05):
I should have known that.

Kelly Krauss (42:05):
So they’re kind of basic simple questions, some you may know, and some you may be like, “I don’t


Mike Ercolano (42:10):
Okay, I should’ve known that if I don’t know it. right, that’s the whole point?

John Esposito (42:16):
Help me practice for my trivia nights.

Mike Ercolano (42:18):
Oh yeah. trivia night?

John Esposito (42:21):
Tavern on the Rocks, Rockaway.

Kelly Krauss (42:23):
That’s a great name for a bar. Well now we know where he is on a Thursday night.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

Page 26 of 41

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. John Esposito (42:28):

Yeah, that’s why I don’t get in early for Thursday workouts.

Kelly Krauss (42:32):
My kids make fun of me all the time, so I think this is a my generation type thing, so I’m curious to see

who’s going to know this if .

Mike Ercolano (42:38):
Okay, so is this like a whoever answers it more quickly, or are we just both answering?

Kelly Krauss (42:42): Just both answer.

Mike Ercolano (42:43):
Okay, is there a point system?

Kelly Krauss (42:45):
No, we’re not doing that.

Mike Ercolano (42:46):
All right, so this is really not a game, this is just a conversation that’s being led by cards?

Kelly Krauss (42:50):
Do you want a game? Fine, put your name up on the whiteboard there and you can put little ticks next

to it if you guys want to make this a game.

Mike Ercolano (42:54):
Yeah, I do. But what are the rules of the game?

Kelly Krauss (42:56):
Whoever answers it correctly and first gets the point.

John Esposito (43:00): Okay, .

Mike Ercolano (43:01):
What if we both answer it correctly?

Kelly Krauss (43:03):
Then you both get a point, or nobody gets a point. Do you want nobody gets a point?

John Esposito (43:07):
Well that would be the first part.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

Page 27 of 41

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Mike Ercolano (43:07):

Nobody gets a point if we don’t answer it correctly. If we both answer it correctly, we both get a point, just because I want to run that score up if they’re easy questions, and make him look good.

Kelly Krauss (43:17):
All right, someone’s got to grab that marker.

Mike Ercolano (43:19): We can do it mentally.

Kelly Krauss (43:20): Oh you are?

Mike Ercolano (43:21): We’re running out of time.

John Esposito (43:21):
I can count my own points.

Mike Ercolano (43:21):
I’ll count my own points too.

Kelly Krauss (43:22):
Okay, you ready? Here’s our first question.

Mike Ercolano (43:23):
I’m nothing.

Kelly Krauss (43:24):
Okay, the first question. What does ICE mean when it’s the entry in a cellphone address book?

Mike Ercolano (43:36):
Wait, what? What does ICE mean-

John Esposito (43:38): In case of emergency.

Mike Ercolano (43:38):
When it’s an entry… Oh. I didn’t know that, but that’s a good answer.

John Esposito (43:44): Was it that?

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

Page 28 of 41

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Kelly Krauss (43:44):

Yes, that’s it. Yes.

Mike Ercolano (43:44):
So he’s winning one nothing.

Kelly Krauss (43:45):
In case of emergency. So just so you guys know on my cellphone, ICE dad, ICE sister, ICE husband.

Mike Ercolano (43:52):
Oh, I don’t do that. emergency contact lists.

Kelly Krauss (43:54):
Yes, that’s what I mean. That’s showing my age. That’s why it was a generational thing.

Mike Ercolano (43:57): I got you, all right.

Kelly Krauss (43:58): Okay, let’s move on.

Mike Ercolano (44:00):
But the youngest guy in the room got it. But I think you just figured it out, right?

John Esposito (44:04): I’m just old at heart.

Mike Ercolano (44:04):
You just figured out the acronym?

John Esposito (44:05): I’m just old at heart.

Kelly Krauss (44:06): All right, he is old at-

Mike Ercolano (44:07): And you’ve got saggy balls.

Kelly Krauss (44:08):
You ready? What is the largest island in the world?

John Esposito (44:15):

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

Page 29 of 41

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. I don’t really know if this counts as an island.

Mike Ercolano (44:16): Asia.

John Esposito (44:18):
Australia. I don’t think it’s an island.

Kelly Krauss (44:20): No, you’re both wrong.

John Esposito (44:21):
All right, now if we’re going for actual island, like… I don’t know. That’s a country though till. I was going

to say Greenland. It’s an island, but…

Mike Ercolano (44:30):
Well then I’m going to go Iceland.

John Esposito (44:34): We’re both wrong.

Kelly Krauss (44:35): It’s Greenland.

John Esposito (44:36): Is it Greenland?

Kelly Krauss (44:36):
Yes, you got it. All right, now this is a fun one. Now you have to be quick. You guys have to be quick with

this one.

Mike Ercolano (44:43): That’s my specialty.

Kelly Krauss (44:45):
Is it possible to whiten your teeth by smiling in the sun for a long time?

Mike Ercolano (44:50): Yes.

John Esposito (44:50): No.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Kelly Krauss (44:57):

Oh no.

Mike Ercolano (44:57): Dammit.

John Esposito (44:57):
The whole sunning your asshole thing we talked about. . Did we talk about that?

Mike Ercolano (45:01):
We did. .

Kelly Krauss (45:01): What, bleaching?

John Esposito (45:03):
Not bleaching, but tanning your butt hole.

Mike Ercolano (45:05):
Yeah, tanning your butt hole.

Kelly Krauss (45:06): On a podcast?

John Esposito (45:07):
Yeah, I’m pretty sure. A while ago.

Mike Ercolano (45:08): Yeah, we did.

Kelly Krauss (45:10):
Right, how many legs does an ant have?

Mike Ercolano (45:11):
Ask me about that and I’ll get the answer correct.

John Esposito (45:13): Six.

Kelly Krauss (45:15):
How many legs does an ant have?

Mike Ercolano (45:17):

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. I was going to say six.

Kelly Krauss (45:19): You’re both right.

Mike Ercolano (45:20):
Yes, I’m on the board. Four to one.

Kelly Krauss (45:26):
In what classic arcade game do you steer a figure gobbling dots and prizes while being chased by

monsters named Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde?

Mike Ercolano (45:37): Pac-Man.

John Esposito (45:38): Pac-Man.

Kelly Krauss (45:40): Mr or Mrs?

John Esposito (45:41): Mr.

Mike Ercolano (45:42): Mr.

Kelly Krauss (45:43):
There is no Mr, it’s just Pac-Man. Okay, how do you say hi in French?

John Esposito (45:48):

Mike Ercolano (45:48): .

Kelly Krauss (45:52): Mike, you’re going down.

Mike Ercolano (45:53): I’m getting my ass kicked.

Kelly Krauss (45:53):

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. You’re going down. All right, I don’t know. Okay, who is Prince William married to?

Mike Ercolano (46:02): Princess Diana?

Kelly Krauss (46:04): That was his mom.

John Esposito (46:06):
Is that Kate whatever her name is?

Mike Ercolano (46:08): Upton?

John Esposito (46:09): Is it Kate Upton? No.

Kelly Krauss (46:10): No, don’t listen to him.

John Esposito (46:13): Kate…

Kelly Krauss (46:14): Kate Middleton.

John Esposito (46:15): Middleton.

Mike Ercolano (46:16):
That doesn’t count. I could have said any first name.

John Esposito (46:20):
Nope, I won’t count that one.

Mike Ercolano (46:21): .

Kelly Krauss (46:21):
All right, who played Tom “Iceman” Kazansky in Top Gun? Who was Iceman?

Mike Ercolano (46:29):
Oh my God. I can picture him, hold on. It start with a V. No? Fuck.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Kelly Krauss (46:38):

You’re right, go with the V.

Mike Ercolano (46:41):
I always go with the V. Hold on, hold on, Val Kilmer.

Kelly Krauss (46:46): Yes.

John Esposito (46:47): Nice.

Mike Ercolano (46:49): All right, it’s 13 to 1 now.

Kelly Krauss (46:52):
Here, this one you might get, you’ve got to be fast with this one. Are there wild polar bears in Sweden?

John Esposito (46:58): No.

Mike Ercolano (46:59): Yes.

Kelly Krauss (47:01): No.

Mike Ercolano (47:01):
Dammit, I’m just going against his.

Kelly Krauss (47:02):
Why did you know that? Do you know that?

John Esposito (47:05): No.

Kelly Krauss (47:05):
Oh, you were just guessing?

John Esposito (47:06):
That was a wild guess there. I had a feeling they’re only in one spot. Aren’t they Antarctic, down south,

not north?

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Page 34 of 41 Transcript by Rev.com

This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Mike Ercolano (47:13):

And Iceland, Greenland.

John Esposito (47:16):
No, like South, like Antarctica.

Mike Ercolano (47:20):
I don’t know. Apparently they’re not in Sweden, and I said yes.

Kelly Krauss (47:25):
All right, what does RPG refer to in computer games?

John Esposito (47:31): Role Playing Game.

Mike Ercolano (47:33):
I was going to say the same.

Kelly Krauss (47:33):
Okay, I knew you guys would know that one. All right, be fast on this one, because I think Mike’s going to

know this one. You ready? What happens if you select text and press control and C on the keyboard?

John Esposito (47:45): You copy.

Mike Ercolano (47:46): You copy it.

Kelly Krauss (47:46):
Very good. Oh, you had this one. Official language of Brazil?

Mike Ercolano (47:51): Brazilian.

John Esposito (47:52): Portuguese.

Kelly Krauss (47:57):
Who was the Soviet Union’s final president?

John Esposito (48:01): … Stalin.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Mike Ercolano (48:03):

I think that’s correct.

John Esposito (48:06): Was it Stalin? No.

Kelly Krauss (48:08): No.

Mike Ercolano (48:09):
He’s Italy, right? No. Mussolini.

John Esposito (48:13): Mussolini is Italy.

Mike Ercolano (48:13): Vladimir Putin.

Kelly Krauss (48:16):
He’s got a big thing here I think.

John Esposito (48:23): I don’t know.

Mike Ercolano (48:24): Cyclops.

Kelly Krauss (48:24): Gorbachev.

Mike Ercolano (48:26): Oh okay.

Kelly Krauss (48:26):
Didn’t he have a big splotch up there?

Mike Ercolano (48:28): “Tear down this wall.”

John Esposito (48:30):
Oh, “Mr. Gorbachev, take down that wall.” There we go.

Kelly Krauss (48:32):

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. All right, you need to know this one.

John Esposito (48:34): Okay.

Kelly Krauss (48:34):
What is a process used by plants to convert energy from sunlight and store it in a chemical bond.

John Esposito (48:42):
I did a presentation when I was little.

Kelly Krauss (48:43): Of course you did.

John Esposito (48:44): Photosynthesis.

Mike Ercolano (48:44): Chlorophyll.

Kelly Krauss (48:48):
All right, let me give you one more.

Mike Ercolano (48:50):
One more. We’re out of time anyway, so one more.

Kelly Krauss (48:51):
Oh, this is interesting. Hat colors do wrestlers wear when competing?

Mike Ercolano (48:58): Blue and red.

Kelly Krauss (49:00): Why do you know that?

Mike Ercolano (49:01): Oh that’s right.

Kelly Krauss (49:02):
It’s blue or red, so I’m going to give it to you. But what is that?

Mike Ercolano (49:04):
I don’t know, I was just thinking boxing.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. John Esposito (49:04):

I’ve only noticed that.

Mike Ercolano (49:04):
In boxing they have a blue corner and a red corner, so I don’t know, that why I guessed blue and red.

Kelly Krauss (49:12):
That’s what you went with.

Mike Ercolano (49:12):
And I’m just picturing old school Mexican wrestlers in those spandex and the masks.

John Esposito (49:21):
And they were blue and red too.

Mike Ercolano (49:22):
They were blue and red. So that’s why I guessed it.

Kelly Krauss (49:24):
Nacho Libre wasn’t blue and red.

Mike Ercolano (49:25): Well that’s a fake movie.

John Esposito (49:26):
He had blue pants with the red undies over the pants.

Kelly Krauss (49:28):
You’re right. He had some yellow in there. All right, last question. This is it, I really mean it now. How

many weeks is a normal full term pregnancy?

John Esposito (49:39): Oh God, Jesus.

Kelly Krauss (49:45): Are you nervous?

John Esposito (49:45): Is it like… no.

Mike Ercolano (49:48): Hold on.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Kelly Krauss (49:49):


Mike Ercolano (49:50): .

John Esposito (49:50):
Hold on, I’m doing the math here. Like 40 weeks, something like that?

Mike Ercolano (49:55): 42 weeks?

John Esposito (49:56): 42 weeks, it has to be.

Mike Ercolano (49:57): 46 weeks.

John Esposito (49:59): It’s less.

Kelly Krauss (49:59): Final number?

Mike Ercolano (50:00):
Hold on, let me get my calculator out.

John Esposito (50:01):
I don’t know, I’m trying to do 52 minus 3 months worth.

Kelly Krauss (50:05):
You guys are fun, this is fun.

Mike Ercolano (50:06): 36 weeks.

Kelly Krauss (50:08):
Okay, but a full term pregnancy is 40.

Mike Ercolano (50:12): Okay, 40. You got it right.

John Esposito (50:13):

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Yes.

Kelly Krauss (50:14):
You had it, and then you kind of talked yourself out of it. You were going up to 42 and 46. Good job guys,

that was fun.

Mike Ercolano (50:19):
We’ll definitely have to bring this back, because it was a very close game, and I want a rematch. No, so I

think we’ve got to crown… how many birthday crowns do you have there?

John Esposito (50:28): Oh, awesome.

Kelly Krauss (50:29): I may have like 50.

John Esposito (50:30):
We’ll make one of them a trivia crown.

Mike Ercolano (50:31):
Yeah, let’s make a trivia crown, and-

John Esposito (50:33): Flip it inside out.

Mike Ercolano (50:34):
John is trivia king, queen, non-denomination of the week. Non-pronoun of the week. King non-pronoun

of the week.

Kelly Krauss (50:45):
I might have to put this in aluminum foil so it’s really-

John Esposito (50:49): The dutch of trivia.

Mike Ercolano (50:50):
Ooh, make it aluminum foil hat since we’re kind of like conspiracy theorists that are right.

John Esposito (50:58):
Blocking out all those radio signals.

Kelly Krauss (51:00): Good idea, good idea.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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This transcript was exported on Nov 04, 2021 – view latest version here. Mike Ercolano (51:01):

All right, before this gets off into a crazy tangent like usual, we should get going. Because John needs to leave, and that was a fun show. So thank you for listening everyone, we appreciate you, we appreciate all of our listeners. Please leave us a review, and share the show, talk about us at Thanksgiving dinner with your family, because we’re that cool. And we’ll be back next week with another episode of NextGen Radio Podcast. Have a good one.

Kelly Krauss (51:27): See you.

John Esposito (51:27): See you guys later.

Episode 38 Vocals (Completed 11/03/21) Transcript by Rev.com

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