Sex Shape

Another Valentines Day has come and gone. For a lot of adults, this means one thing… only another 365 days until they have sex again! Thankfully, this actually isn’t true at all! In fact, the average married couple has sex 54 times a year. That’s nearly one time a week, so needless to say sex is a pretty steady part of most adult marriages. With all of this sex going on, you might as well make sure that you’re in good sex shape! Here are my top 5 exercises to implement into your workout routines that will improve your sex shape, and hopefully your sex life, too!

#1. HIIT Training

According to a study done by PLOS One, sex burns on average 69 calories for women, and 100 calories for men. Your heart rate is inconsistent fluctuation during sex because of the constantly changing tempo, along with occasionally changing positions. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great way to condition yourself for better sex. By implementing into your workouts longer periods of high-intensity exercise, with shorter rest periods, your stamina in the bedroom will definitely improve! No one wants their partner to be tired after just a couple of minutes, so here is an example of a HIIT workout that you can try out the next time you are at the gym. All you need is a stopwatch (which can be found on most phones), a pair of dumbbells, and about 4 feet of space.

Set the stopwatch to 20 seconds, as this is going to be your working period. At the end of the 20 seconds, you will take a 10-second break and then do the next exercise for 20 seconds. Repeat this routine as many times as you would like to, however, I usually recommend a workout like this to be done in about 20-25 minutes. You can also change the time intervals up. For example, you can workout for 40 seconds, and break for 20 seconds. The time possibilities are endless! Check out the workout below, and for a video of all of the exercises found in this workout, click here!

  1. Squat:Curl: Press

  2. Muscle Maker Burpees

  3. Renegade Row: Push-up

  4. Mountain Climbers

  5. X-Jacks

#2. Hip Press

Sex is predominately hip centric. Strengthening the muscles that support hip flexion and extension will ultimately make your sex muscles stronger! Performing hip presses are a great way to strengthen your glutes (butt muscles), core, and pelvic floor. When doing these make sure that you concentrate on squeezing your butt at the top of the movement, and do not arch your back by pressing your hips too far to the sky. You should stop the movement when your hips are inlined with your shoulder while your butt is off of the floor. Do 3 sets of 10 reps of this exercise, and show your partner how hard you have been working!


#3. High Plank Hold

If you have trouble holding your body up, this may make it harder for you and your partner to enjoy sex. Depending on the position that you and your partner choose, it could lead to most of your weight during sex being positioned over the center of your body. Once your arms and core get fatigued the fun may be over! With the high plank, you can hold it as long as you can. Start off slow, with 20-30 second holds, and increase your time from there as you get stronger. A couple of key factors to pay attention to… #1. Make sure that your back is flat. #2. Keep your hips parallel with the floor – when you get tired you will have a tendency to let them sink, or shift to either side, fight this as it is your core trying to compensate. #3. You want to “corkscrew” your hands into the ground to put your shoulders in the right position.

#4. Squats

The stronger your legs are, the longer you will be able to last in the bedroom before burning out. Squats are one of the greatest exercises to do to increase overall strength. When performing a squat, it is more than just a leg exercise. They require your core to get stronger, and the compound movement of a squat will send your heart rate through the roof. What I recommend doing, is starting with a goblet squat (pictured below). By placing the weight in front of your body, it causes your abs to really turn on (no pun intended) and is also one of the safest ways to do a squat.


#5. Kettlebell Swings

If you know about kettlebell swings, then I am sure you can figure out why this exercise made my top 5 exercises for better sex. Once again, it is another hip centric movement, that requires speed and strength. If you are new to exercising, make sure that you work with a professional trainer before you go and pick up a kettlebell to start swinging it. The technique of the kettlebell swing is very important and should be done under the watchful eye of a professional before doing it on your own. By adding kettlebell swings into your routine, you will not only increase power and strength through your hips; but you will also improve that all-important cardio that is needed for lasting sex!


These are just 5 of my favorite exercises to help you improve your sex life by getting your body into better sex shape! Getting into a consistent exercise routine will help improve your sex life in many ways. Not only will you physically be in better shape which will make sex more enjoyable, but the impact that exercise has on your hormones and confidence will make your partner wonder who this new person in the bedroom is! If you have any questions about health, fitness, or even sex, please email me at [email protected]. If you would like to try out the Next Generation Training Center, we are offering a GREAT deal. 30 days, for only $30 with no obligations, and for the month of February, we are donating the entire $30 directly to the Congenital Heart Defect Awareness and Research! Come workout with us for a month, AND donate to a great cause!!