Mike’s Top 5 Fitness IG Pages

Fitness Influencers with Real Influence

In today’s modern world of social media, Instagram influencers are leading the charge of spreading health and fitness information to the masses. It can be a confusing battlefield of who you can trust, and who you should ignore. Anyone with 6 pack abs can start an Instagram page, capture a large audience of followers, and sell their “expert” fitness influencer’s advise. Many of these influencers have never worked with, coached, or trained an actual person in real life. However, many people purchase workout programs, supplements, etc. from these influencers, because they look and act the part. The reality is, is that a lot of the “fitness influencers” out there are not experts at all, and may be doing more harm than good.

These “Top 5 Fitness Pages” are run by people whom I trust, and have been learning from for years… some even before social media was a thing. They all have extensive experience getting results from real clients, and have dedicated much of their live’s to studying, and applying, the principles of fitness and health.

#1 – @defrancosgym

A legend in the sports performance industry, Joe DeFranco has been a leader in preparing, and developing athletes over the past couple of decades. He has made a name for himself in the fitness industry by helping his athletes and clients achieve big results, while training out of a small “warehouse gym” in New Jersey. His approach to training is fundamentally based around strength and power training, however he has more recently been providing content that is more focused on training for health, and longevity. The content that Joe posts on Instagram is not only easy to understand, but is also easy to apply for most people – even those with only minimal equipment available. Joe has helped blaze a path for training gyms like Next Generation Training Center to succeed, and he provides some of the best free fitness and training content on the web. Joe’s influence can be seen, and felt throughout the programming for our Small Group Training, Private Training, and Sports Performance Training at Next Generation Training Center.

#2 – @mobilitymaker

Dana Santas is a breathing mobility, and mindbody coach to 50+ pro teams, and thousands of professional athletes in the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, PGA, and WWE. Her training “niche” is helping athletes move better, recover faster, and hopefully be in a position to lessen their chances of getting an injury. The client’s that Dana works with are professional athletes, however you do not need to be a professional athlete to benefit from the information that she provides in her Instagram content. Most of the exercises, movements, and techniques that Dana teaches can all be done without any equipment. Dana is a coach that I personally have learned, and continue to learn a lot from. Many of the mobility techniques and movements that I use with my clients have been learned from Dana. Her ability to apply her knowledge of proper breathing and mobility techniques, in a simple and shareable way is what makes her content special. Nearly anyone, at any fitness level can learn something valuable from Dana Santas.

#3 – @drjoelseedman_ahp

Joel Seedman is a PHD in Kinesiology from the University of Georgia. He is the owner of the company “Advanced Human Performance,” and in my opinion his content lives up to the name. He is consistently posting new workout videos that show the professional athletes, celebrities, and general population clients that he trains practicing training techniques that are not often seen in the performance world. It doesn’t take much time to watch his content, and understand that his approach to training is centered around working at a “partial” range of motion, usually stopping at, or isometrically holding at, the 90 degree angle of the exercise – as opposed to completing the full range of motion, like many of us in the fitness industry have been taught for years. Joel’s concept that training past the 90 degree threshold isn’t only not necessary, but there are actual performance benefits from stopping the exercise there are as well. Besides the novel philosophy that he uses to train his athletes, he also produces content with a lot of unique exercises that you don’t see too often. Thinking outside of the box of training, @dr.joelseedman_ahp is a must follow on Instagram.

#4 – @foundmyfitness

Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a PHD in biomechanical science, and the host of the Found My Fitness podcast. She is an expert in healthspan strategies; using scientific data in her content to teach how to increase your longevity, quality of life, and healthy aging. Dr. Rhonda Patrick uses her content on Instagram to help highlight the facts about health, diet, exercise, and mental health. She takes complex biomechanical science, and serves it in a way that is not only digestible and easy to understand, but also in a way that is practical for everyone to apply the concepts into their life. She is a very reliable source of the cutting edge of science, and knows how to communicate it with the general population for us to understand. There are many topics in the health and fitness world that can be very confusing. With all of the conflicting information that is available on food, supplements, exercise, etc., it is hard to know who to trust. Dr. Rhonda Patrick falls into that category for me. If you are interested in learning more about longevity, brain health, and fitness – Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a must follow!

#5 – @darustrong

Phil Daru has been the performance coach to many of the top professional fighters in the UFC over the last few years while working as the head strength coach for America’s Top Team. The content that he provides on his Instagram mostly features advanced athletic performance based training, as his main clientele that he trains are athletes. I personally have applied many of the different training concepts that I have learned from the content that Phil posts on Instagram, to the athletes that I work with at Next Generation Training Center. The thing that impresses me the most about how Phil trains his athletes, and with the content that he consistently posts, is that he marries together training philosophies and concepts from different ideologies. Many trainers and strength coaches stick themselves in a box, and believe that there is one “best” way to train. Phil borrows from many concepts which has helped develop the approach, and training systems that he has used to help develop some of the best athletes in the world.