Top 5 New Year’s Resolution “Don’ts”

When the ball drops at midnight on New Year’s Eve, it doesn’t only just signify the start of the new year.

It also starts the busiest month of the year for gyms across the country.

Weight loss is probably the most popular New Year’s resolution that people make for themselves every year.

Unfortunately, it is probably the New Year’s resolution that most people fail at every year as well.

Here are Next Generation Training Center’s top 5 things you DON’T want to do, if you don’t want to fail your weight loss New Year’s resolution in the new year.

1. Don’t Wait Until January 1

“Procrastination is the enemy of success.”

This quote couldn’t be more true when it comes to talking about why people fail at accomplishing their goal of weight loss, not only in the new year, but all year long.

By procrastinating and setting a future start date – aka “I’ll start January 1st,” or “I’ll start going to the gym on Monday.” – it makes it a low, or non priority.

When something isn’t made a priority, it is easy to find “more important” things to do, or skip it when motivation is lacking.

More times than not, Monday turns into Tuesday, which becomes Wednesday, and before you know it you’re having the same conversation with yourself in a year…. “I’ll start over on January 1st.”

If you want this year to be different, don’t wait until Monday, start today (unless you’re reading this on Monday).

Here’s a quick tip about an easy way to start today, don’t wait!

2. Don’t Figure it Out On Your Own

When you are sick- you go to the doctors.

When it’s tax season- you go to the accountant.

When your car breaks down- you bring it to the mechanic.

So what makes you think that you should try and figure out fitness, and weight loss by yourself?

Many people fail to accomplish their New Year’s resolutions because they join a gym, and either just do random workouts with no real plan.

Or they walk around the gym in circles, feeling awkward and uncomfortable because they don’t know what to do.

This is why hiring a professional coach or personal trainer can be one of the best investments that you can make.

The right coach will help put together a plan that is right for you.

There is no such thing as cookie cutter or one size fits all fitness.

If you’re new to exercise, or you are confused as to what you should be doing for your workouts, you should spend your time and money wisely- and hire a professional coach.

This video is a fun little clip that demonstrates this perfectly.

3. Don’t Fall for Gimmicks

We have all seen the “as seen on TV” late night commercials that try to sell you on the idea that you can get results with little to no work.

We have also seen the instagram influencer who is selling you her, “21 Days to a Perfect Beach Bod.”

Gimmicks in the fitness industry are everywhere, and the old adage holds true- If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Real results come from dedication, consistency, and hard work over time.

There is no such thing as a quick fix, or a fast track to speeding up your results.

The only way to get there is by working hard, and this is a funny video that we think gets the point across.

4. Don’t Workout Alone

Not only will working out with a friend or family member be much more fun than working out alone (just ask Kelly and Mike); but it can also be very important in helping you stick to your word.

It is a lot easier to lie to yourself, or make excuses to yourself when you aren’t feeling it, then it is to lie or make excuses to someone else.

An accountability workout partner will be there for you when you aren’t feeling motivated, when you hit a plateau with results, or when you get discouraged because the results are happening as fast as you expected.

Over the years at Next Generation Training Center, some of the members who have accomplished the best results were ones that made it a point to set goals, and exercise with someone else.

Losing weight and getting fit is hard, but it can be a little bit easier if you find someone to be your support throughout the journey.

5. Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

Every year we see it a handful of times.

Someone comes into the gym for the first time in many years, and expects themselves to be the High School varsity athlete that they were 20 years ago after one workout.

They either push themselves too hard, too fast, and end up burning out or injured.

Just like Mike does in this video. 

And/or they set too high of an expectation, such as losing 30 pounds in a month, and end up quitting due to frustration and discouragement.

Health and fitness is a lifetime journey.

There will be ebbs and flows with moments of motivation, and moments of defeat.

However, the real results come from starting exactly where you are at today, and slowly building on that through patience and hard work.

If the only exercise you have been getting is walking to and from the elevator at work, then don’t start by trying to run a marathon.

Start slow, set realistic goals such as working out twice per week, or going for a daily 30 minute walk.

You want to choose small goals that you can accomplish and check off your list, to create momentum in the right direction.

Trying to do too much, too soon, will just leave you in an even worse spot than when you started.