10 Tips to Increase Daily Water Consumption

10 Tips to Help You Increase Your Daily Water Intake

  1. Make a routine! Wake up, drink 8 oz of water, take your vitamins, drink 8 oz of water, drive to work, drink 8 oz or water, go to the bathroom, drink 8 oz of water…… You get the idea!  Before you know it you will be over 30oz of water in!

  2. Add Flavoring! Water can get kind of boring so spice it up a little – add some fresh berries, lemon and or lime juice, fresh mint from the garden that grows like weeds! Make every other bottle colorful and flavorful – get creative!

  3. Eat your water!  Cucumbers, oranges, bell peppers, watermelon, spinach, blueberries….. all contain high water content – add some fresh fruits & veggies in as snacks to help keep the hydration flowing, not to mention getting your rainbow of colors in for the day!

  4. Set hourly goals!  By 10 AM have 20 oz down, lunchtime 40 oz down, 2 PM 60 oz etc.

  5. Take water with you EVERYWHERE you go!  Don’t leave it in the car while food shopping – take it with you (BONUS you are less likely to impulse buy if you are feeling full!) Going for a walk – take your water. Play a game at a work meeting!  Everytime a “buzz word” is said – DRINK UP! Who said meetings have to be boring?!!!

  6. Set Reminders or use an app!  Set reminders/alarms on your phone to keep you consistent with drinking or invest in an app that helps both keep track and remind you when it’s time to guzzle!

  7. Spice up your foods!  Nothing helps you drink more water than being thirsty – so why not spice up eggs, grilled chicken or tofu with some sriracha or spicy salsa to help get those oz in!

  8. Pay attention to your body!  The color of your urine can tell you a lot about how your body is feeling.  Light yellow is usually a good indicator of being hydrated, the darker the urine the more your body is telling you, IT’S TIME TO DRINK! (Keep in mind some medications and vitamins can change the color of your urine)

  9. Have water easily accessible! Purchase 33 oz bottles at the beginning of the week – reuse all day. Get an in-home water cooler or filtration system so you can go directly from the tap.  Whatever works for you, but convenience is key, so make it easy for yourself!

  10. Drink (water) and Drive! Set a goal of 12 oz for around town driving – you can’t get out of the car until it’s gone – so what if you look a little weird sitting in the driveway drinking – you’ve got water goals to crush for the day!