VLOG Post 8 Tips for Falling Asleep

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, Kelly Krauss here from Next Generation Training Center, coming to you with eight helpful tips for helping you fall asleep and hopefully having a better night’s rest. When we think about getting healthy, we think about nutrition and we think about exercise, but rest is just as important as both exercise and nutrition. If you are not giving your body time to rest and recover, giving your muscles time to grow, giving your brain time to rest and recharge, then you’re not going to get the gains that you’re hoping for. Not enough sleep can lead to depression, it can lead to weight gain, it can lead to sickness. Waking up tired and dragging out doesn’t set you off on the right foot for the day. So again, hopefully these eight tips will help you fall asleep easier and maybe earlier, and give you that good night rest that your body needs.

So tip number one, no screens, no cell phones, no iPads, no TV. This is time we want to bring our body down to a nice calm level, get rid of all that blue light that comes from electronics and let your body relax. So, no cell phones, no TVs, no iPads.

Tip number two lavender. Lavender is such a great scent that helps bring down your body. It naturally slows down your body, releases anxiety that you feel, and it’s going to bring your body down to that nice relaxing state. So, you could have a diffuser in your room with lavender, you can spray it on your pillow, you can rub it on your wrists. All those things are great ways to start breathing in lavender and help bringing down that anxiety and getting you into more of a restful state.

Tip number three, read an enjoyable book. Read something that you’re excited about, something that puts you in a whole nother world, that relaxes you. It’s not time to read through work, papers, and learn something new. This is the time to just get into bed, be excited to read that book and just put yourself in a whole new dimension, somewhere that takes you out of your everyday life. So again, it gives your brain a little time to enjoy things like that.

Step number four, journal. I find that going to bed and writing down all the good things that happened to me that day helps relax my body, it helps me think about the day, and helps me be thankful for all the wonderful things that happened to me. It keeps the negativity away.

Step number five that could help is run through and write down your tomorrow’s to-do list. That might take away the anxiety that you have feeling for the next day, putting all of the things that you have to do down on a piece of paper, and will help you feel more relaxed and ready for the next day when you have everything listed out.

Tip number four is put your body to bed, so you want to lay in bed in a nice, dark room, close your eyes, and put your body to bed. Start with your toes, wiggle your toes. Think about relaxing your toes. Then, you’re going to move to your feet and your ankles and your calves and your knees and you’re thinking about all these body parts, and you’re literally putting them to sleep, you’re relaxing them with your mind. That’s a great way to help you fall asleep as well. I usually fall asleep sleep when I get up around my knees or my quads because it’s such a relaxing feeling. So, that might be something that’ll help you relax as well.

Tip number seven, a meditation app or a relaxation app. There are a whole bunch of apps out there that kind of talk you through things. If listening to people talk in a soothing tone doesn’t work for you, put on sounds, the sound of a river, the sound of the rain, or thunder, or the ocean. All those relaxing sounds can help you fall asleep and just kind of put you off into dreamland as well.

And tip number eight, this is my favorite, having a nice cold room helps bring that body temperature down, it also makes you cuddle up and feel a little bit more comfortable. So, a cold room, a dark room, that’s why I have my sleep mask here, blocking out all those extra lights and just covering your eyes and getting in a nice, dark, safe space and getting into your head and thinking about all the things you appreciate and having all those wonderful things you have to be thankful for, that can help you fall asleep as well and just relax, just bring your body down.


All these things we talked about is bringing your body down into a nice relaxed state. So, hopefully one or maybe some of these tips will help you fall asleep easier, will help you be more relaxed at the end of your day. I don’t know, let us know, write your comments in the below. If any of these tips have helped you, or if you have tips that you would like to share as well, we would love to hear them as well, but here’s to having a nice restful sleep and I wish you all a good night.