Halftime Hate

Considering that the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events during the year, I can assume that most people watched the Halftime Show. There has been a lot of criticism around the Halftime Show, which featured pop superstars Shakira and JLo, who were both scantly dressed and showing off their bodies through dance moves that left little to the imagination. An out-roar of criticism soon followed, as more conservative viewers were making negative comments towards who these women were showcasing their bodies with the way that they were dressed. I always view things through the lens of a fitness professional, so I want to preface this article with the fact that I am in no way trying to disagree with anyone’s moral views. I firmly believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion, and this is written through my personal views as a fitness professional.

Hard Work on Display
To question if Shakira at 43, and JLo at 50, have been anything but dedicated to their health and fitness would be a mistake. Both of these women are rocking bodies that most 21-year-olds would dream of. This is a display of their consistent hard work and dedication to eating healthy and exercising throughout their lives. Like each year that goes by, it makes it harder and harder to achieve the body composition results that one would want to accomplish. These two women have dedicated themselves to making their health and fitness a priority. Both of them workout 5-6 days each week, regardless if they are preparing for a role or not. It is not just a part of their job like we have seen with other celebrities who’s weight and fitness levels fluctuate depending on if they have a role or not. They have both embraced a healthy lifestyle, and it shows in their results!

Proper Nutrition and Strength Training
Both women credit their commitment to practicing balanced nutrition, and strength training as their main focus points when it comes to staying in tremendous shape. Neither one of them participates in any type of starvation method or elimination diets for losing weight. Both Shakira and JLo stay away from processed foods and eat almost entirely nutritious whole foods such as fish, vegetables, and quinoa while supplementing where they need too. They also credit strength training to their success, switching between heavy lifting days, and lighter but faster-paced HIIT days. If you check out JLo’s Instagram page, you can find a lot of content on her workouts. One of my favorite things to see is watching her lift heavy weights for low reps. Despite what many people think you will not look like a gorilla for working out that way, and JLo is a walking billboard for that.

Stop the Hate
Unfortunately, we live in a social media world where everyone feels like their opinion of others matters. Scrolling through Facebook after the halftime show brought to light the number of people who would rather bring others down, instead of lifting others up. I understand that the scantly dressed Shakira and JLo may not have been to your liking, and you may have felt offended by their sexual presence on stage. If you felt that way, a simple change of the channel could fix that. Unfortunately, many people turned to shamming and hatred towards these women instead. In my opinion, these women should be praised for setting an example of health and fitness. Leading with positivity, and lifting up women who work so hard to stay fit and healthy can make a big impact on the next generation. They both prove that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can still look and feel the way that you want through some hard work, dedication, and consistency. Yes, they may have resources that many of us don’t have, however, the one thing that we all have is the opportunity to make healthy choices every day. Unless they both live in a bubble, they are probably surrounded by even more temptation than any of us ever are. They practice willpower and keep their goal of staying fit and healthy at the forefront of every decision. Let’s learn from them, look up to them, and consider them a role model for what it is to live a healthy lifestyle, instead of just contributing to the negativity and throwing words of hate towards them.