5 Steps on Cheating in 2019

In today’s world of perfect Instagram pictures, Facebook profiles, and Snap Chat filters; it is easy to think that everyone and their mother have six-pack abs and booty goals (I think a hashtag belongs in there somewhere).  It is hard to not get sucked into the distinction that there are a lot of perfect 10’s […]

12 Steps to Success in 2019

It’s that time of year again.  Gyms get crowded with memories of past failures and broken resolutions.  About 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, only a month into the New Year.  Every year “getting back into shape,” is the number one New Year’s resolution… and every year it is the number one failed resolution.  Dreams of taking […]

Lower Carbs May Lead to Lower Lifespan

Have you heard of the Ketogenic diet? How about the Paleo diet? Adkins? South Beach? These are all popular fad diets, that people have used to drop some pounds, and drop them fast. Essentially, the basis behind all of them is to lower — or completely cut out carbohydrates out of your diet. The basis […]

Grit is Defined on Monday

When your alarm goes off in the morning — that defining moment that jolts you from being in the middle of a REM cycle into awkward awareness, what is the force that drives you to get out of bed? What stops you from not shutting the alarm off, and going back to sleep? On those Monday […]

Positive Pressure

We are right in the middle of playoff football, and there’s nothing that screams high pressure more for these athletes than being in a one-game elimination tournament. Ultimately, the teams who handled the pressure the best will move on to play in the Super Bowl in two weeks. The two teams who let the pressure […]

What is foam rolling, and when should you do it?

Most people nowadays know what a foam roller is, or at least have seen one. They have been a staple in training gyms for well over a decade now, and the benefits are no secret. The problem is, there is a lot of misinformation on when the best time to use them is. Let me […]

5 Action Steps to Boost Your Resolutions

Only 11 Months To Go! We are coming into that time of year, where New Years resolutions are starting to go out the window, and are becoming distant memories that will resurface again in 11 months. We are just about one month into 2019, and this is the time that people start to wain from […]

What’s That Smell??

“Ooooh that smell, Can’t you smell that smell?” Did someone bring cheese to the gym? No, it is just the guy next you working out barefoot. This is a scenario (hopefully minus the smelly feet) that is happening in gyms all across the world right now. In fact, this trend has really become popular over the […]

The Monday Blues

Feeling Blue? As I sit on my lanai in Hawaii writing this, it has got me thinking about why the average lifespan of a Hawaiian is about four years longer than that of someone on the mainland. Even people who have moved from the mainland to Hawaii, have a recorded longer lifespan. It is no […]

Life after 30

50 is the new 30, or is it the other way around? Modern medicine and better knowledge about health are helping us all to live longer. However, as we age our bodies start to break down. This is completely normal, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot combat it. After the age of about 30, […]